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Logic and Structure, Fifth Edition (Universitext) Dirk Van Dalen S Popular Textbook Logic And Structure, Now In Its Fifth Edition, Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To The Basics Of Classical And Intuitionistic Logic, Model Theory And G Del S Famous Incompleteness Theorem Propositional And Predicate Logic Are Presented In An Easy To Read Style Using Gentzen S Natural Deduction The Book Proceeds With Some Basic Concepts And Facts Of Model Theory A Discussion On Compactness, Skolem L Wenheim, Non Standard Models And Quantifier Elimination The Discussion Of Classical Logic Is Concluded With A Concise Exposition Of Second Order Logic In View Of The Growing Recognition Of Constructive Methods And Principles, Intuitionistic Logic And Kripke Semantics Is Carefully Explored A Number Of Specific Constructive Features, Such As Apartness And Equality, The G Del Translation, The Disjunction And Existence Property Are Also Included The Last Chapter On G Del S First Incompleteness Theorem Is Self Contained And Provides A Systematic Exposition Of The Necessary Recursion Theory This New Edition Has Been Properly Revised And Contains A New Section On Ultra Products.