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State of Wonder: A Novel Best Books Of The Month, June 2011 In State Of Wonder, Pharmaceutical Researcher Dr Marina Singh Sets Off Into Thejungle To Find The Remains And Effects Of A Colleague Who Recently Died Under Somewhat Mysterious Circumstances But First She Must Locate Dr Anneck Swenson, A Renowned Gynecologist Who Has Spent Years Looking At The Reproductive Habits Of A Local Tribe Where Women Can Conceive Well Into Their Middle Ages And Beyond Eccentric And Notoriously Tough, Swenson Is Paid To Find The Key To This Longstanding Childbearing Ability By The Same Company For Which Dr Singh Works Yet That Isnt Their Only Connection Both Have An Overlapping Professional Past That Dr Singh Has Long Tried To Forget In Finding Her Former Mentor, Dr Singh Must Face Her Own Disappointments And Regrets, Along With The Jungles Unforgiving Humidity And Insects, Making State Of Wonder A Multi Layered Atmospheric Novel That Is Hard To Put Down Indeed, Patchett Solidifies Her Well Deserved Place As One Of Todays Master Storytellers Emotional, Vivid, And A Work Of Literature That Will Surely Resonate With Readers In The Weeks And Months To Come, State Of Wonder Truly Is A Thing Of Beauty And Mystery, Much Like Thejungle ItselfJessica Schein Exclusive Elizabeth Gilbert Interviews Ann Patchett Elizabeth Gilbert Is The Author Of The 1 New York Times Bestseller, Eat, Pray, Love, As Well As The Short Story Collection Pilgrimsa Finalist For The PEN Hemingway Award, And Winner Of The 1999 John C Zacharis First Book Award From Ploughshares A Pushcart Prize Winner And National Magazine Award Nominated Journalist, She Works As Writer At Large For GQ Elizabeth Gilbert As Your Close Personal Friend, I Happen To Know That You Traveled To Theto Conduct Research For This Novel, And That You Sort Of Hated Thecan You Share A Little About That Ann Patchett I Absolutely Loved Thefor Four Days It Was Gorgeous And Unfamiliar And Deeply Fascinating Unfortunately, I Stayed There For Ten Days There Are A Lot Of Insects In The , A Lot Of Mud, Surprisingly Few Vegetables, Too Many Snakes You Cant Go Anywhere By Yourself, Which Makes Sense If You Dont Know The Terrain, But I Enjoy Going Places By Myself I Can See How Great It Would Be For A Very Short Visit, And How Great It Would Be If You Lived There And Had Figured Out What Was And Wasnt Going To Kill You, But The Interim Length Of Time Isnt Great.EG Didn T I Hear That You Have A Sort Of Magical Story About A Friend Who Is Also A Writer, Who Was Also Once Going To Write A Book About TheCan You Share This Miraculous Tale Also, Is Your Writer Friend Pretty AP This Friend Of Mine, Who Happens To Be You, Is Gorgeous, And Much Taller In Real Life Yes, You Were Writing A Novel About The , And Then You Decided Not To Write A Novel About The , And Then I Started Writing A Novel About The , And Later When We Compared Notes Your Book Dismissed, Mine Halfway Finished They Had Remarkably Similar Story Lines, To The Point Of Being Eerie I Thought This Must Be Because It Was An Incredibly Banal Idea And We Had Both Come Up With A Genericnovel, But Then You Told Me That Ideas Fly Around Looking For Homes, And When The Idea Hadnt Worked Out With You It Came To Me If This Is True I Think Your Name Should Be On The Cover It Would Increase Sales Significantly.EG Readers Of Your Prior Work Particularly The Luminous Bel Canto Will Be Delighted To See That Opera Makes An Appearance In This Novel, As Well In Fact, One Of The Most Dramatic Scenes In The Book Takes Place At The Opera Is That A Wink And A Nod To Loyal Readers, Or Just An Expression Of Your Own Deep And Abiding Musical Passions AP Its A Wink And A Nod To Werner Herzog And His Brilliantfilm Fitzcarraldo Which Opens At The Opera House In Manaus Where The Aforementioned Scene Takes Place I Had Very Little Experience With Opera When I Wrote Bel Canto, And Since Then Its Become A Huge Part Of My Life It Was Fun To Write A Scene Set At The Opera Now That I Know What Im Talking About.EG State Of Wonder A Rollicking Adventure Story, Full Of Peril And Bravery And Death Defying Action I Personally Know You To Be A Homebody Who Likes To Bake Muffins For Neighbors How The Heck Did You Pull Off This Wildness So Convincingly Was It As Invigorating To Write As It Is To ReadAP Ah, The Life Of The Mind All The Adventure I Need I Can Dream Up In My Kitchen I Love Writing Outside Of My Own Experience, Making Imaginary Worlds If I Wrote Novels Based On My Own Life I Would Not Be Making A Living At This I Also Love To Write A Strong Plot I Want Things To Happen In My Books, I Want To Be Thrilled I Always Think About Raymond Chandler Im Sure Im Getting The Phrasing Wrong But The General Idea Is That When Things Get Slow, Bring In A Man With A Gun If You Cant Find A Gun, A Poison Arrow Works Just As Well.EG The Cover Is A Work Of Beauty Authors Are Not Always So Lucky Tell Us How You Managed Such A Miracle AP When I First Started Writing This Book, I Came Downstairs One Night And Found My Husband Listening To Horowitz At Carnegie Hall The Album Cover Has A Very Lush Filigreed Border I Had Two Thoughts First, I Have An Amazing Husband Who Thankfully Held Onto His Horowitz LPs Second, That The Album Cover Had The Exact The Feeling I Wanted For My Book Half Jungle, Half Baroque Period When I Was Finished Writing The Novel I Sent The Album To My Editor, Who Sent It To The Art Department They Understood Exactly What I Was Talking About.Starred Review Patchett Bel Canto Is A Master Storyteller Who Has An Entertaining Habit Of Dropping Ordinary People Into Extraordinary And Exotic Circumstances To See What They Re Made Of In This Expansive Page Turner, Marina Singh, A Big Pharma Researcher, Is Sent By Her Married Boss Lover To The Deepest, Darkest Corner Of Theto Investigate The Death Of Her Colleague, Anders Eckman, Who Had Been Dispatched To Check On The Progress Of The Incommunicado Dr Annick Swenson, A Rogue Scientist On The Cusp Of Developing A Fertility Drug That Could Rock The Medical Profession And Reap Enormous Profits After Arriving In Manaus, Marina Travels Into Her Own Heart Of Darkness, Finding Dr Swenson S Camp Among The Lakashi, A Gentle But Enigmatic Tribe Whose Women Go On Bearing Children Until The End Of Their Lives As Marina Settles In, She Goes Native, Losing Everything She Had Held On To So Dearly In Her Prescribed Midwestern Life, Shedding Clothing, Technology, Old Loves, And Modern Medicine In Order To Find Herself Patchett S Fluid Prose Dissolves In The Suspense Of This Out There Adventure, A Juggernaut Of A Trip To The Crossroads Of Science, Ethics, And Commerce That Readers Will Hate To See End June