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State of Wonder: A Novel Ann Patchett Raises The Bar With State Of Wonder, A Provocative And Ambitious Novel Set Deep In ThejungleResearch Scientist Dr Marina Singh Is Sent To Brazil To Track Down Her Former Mentor, Dr Annick Swenson, Who Seems To Have Disappeared In Thewhile Working On An Extremely Valuable New Drug The Last Person Who Was Sent To Find Her Died Before He Could Complete His Mission Plagued By Trepidation, Marina Embarks On An Odyssey Into The Insect Infested Jungle In Hopes Of Finding Answers To The Questions About Her Friend S Death, Her Company S Future, And Her Own PastOnce Found, Dr Swenson Is As Imperious And Uncompromising As Ever But While She Is As Threatening As Anything The Jungle Has To Offer, The Greatest Sacrifices To Be Made Are The Ones Dr Swenson Asks Of Herself, And Will Ultimately Ask Of Marina State Of Wonder Is A World Unto Itself, Where Unlikely Beauty Stands Beside Unimaginable Loss It Is A Tale That Leads The Listener Into The Very Heart Of Darkness, And Then Shows Us What Lies On The Other Side