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Delcita Coldwater: Mi Waan Leave Mama House (English Edition) At 26 Years Old, Delcita Coldwater Lives In Misery With Her Mother A Day Or Night Does Not Pass When The Two Are Not In Conflict About A Domestic Personal Matter On Account Of This, Delcita Has Been Trying For Years To Get A Job And To Leave Her Mothers House, So That She Could Pursue Life As An Independent Woman Her Ambition Of Getting A Job Is, However, Stifled By The Fact That She Does Not Have A Bankable Educational Background, Neither Does She Possess A Marketable Skill That Can Propel Her Into Employment And Financial Success Her Dad Is Deceased And Her Mother Is Putting Her Under Immense Pressure To Start Providing For Herself This Has Placed Delcita In A Crisis Situation And She Is Now Desperate To Get Out Of In All Of This, Delcita Is Desirous Of Romance, Something That She Sees As One Of The Solutions To Her Personal Problems Eventually, She Finds Someone In The Church Whom She Thinks Can Be The One For Her As Life Continues To Unfold, Delcita Discovers That The Adage, Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold Is As True And As Real As Her Many Personal Problems While Her Challenges Continue To Grow, Delcita Uncovers Evidence That Seems To Suggest That Her Named Father May Not Be Her Real Father And That The Real Dad Is Still Alive Delcita Must Now Stop And Take A Good Look At Herself And Her Situation, Before Moving Forward This Is A Very Interesting And Comedic Story About Personal Economics, Romance, Family Conflict And Infidelity Of A Unique Kind There Are Many Questions About Paternity, Family Loyalty, Truth And Hidden Personal Agenda It Is A Hilarious Ride From The Start To The Finish.Paul O Beale Is A Film Maker, Playwright, Acting Coach, Small Business Consultant And Author He Is Currently The Founder And CEO Of Pragmatic Productions And Pragmatic Publishing Beale Has Written Over 30 Commercial Plays, Nearly 200 Episodes Of Dramatic TV And The Co Screen Writer For The Jamaican Hit Film, Destiny.