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1,001 Pearls of Buddhist Wisdom The Latest Book In Chronicle S Best Selling Collection Of Tiny Treasuries Combines Our Winning Chunky Format And Copious Colorful Artwork With The Eternal Wisdom Of The Buddha , Pearls Of Buddhist Wisdom Is An Inspiring Collection Of Teachings Drawn From Traditional Sources, Such As The Zen Philosophy Of Japan And The Tantric Practices Of Tibet, As Well As European Thinkers And Contemporary Buddhists Themed Sections Address Such Basic Human Themes As Good And Bad Karma, Developing Empathy, And How To Be Happy Also Included Are Clear Explanations Of Key Buddhist Concepts And Accounts Of Historical Moments Full Of Accessible Eastern Teachings Pearls Of Buddhist Wisdom Offers Insights To Inspire, Instruct, And Set Readers On The Path To Nirvana

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    I just pop into this during the day and get little pearls of insight Easy to read and a good novelty.

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    This book was originally gifted to me to pursue my interest in the Buddhist way of life by a relative and having read it fully, it is a book that I would recommend everyone to own It has a collection of phrases, teachings and quotes from the best thinkers alive not just from Buddhist teachings My favourite use of this book is to turn to a random page, roll a die and select a quote, saying or teaching from that page and then attempt to apply it in the real world for that day.This book taught me a lot growing up and for that reason, I would give it to anyone in the hopes it would do the same for them.

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    new central tunnel basement book 4.99

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    Delightful and insightful little book Perfect when you want to just enjoy some time finding some very meaningful quotes and thoughts.