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Algebra This Book Is About Algebra This Is A Very Old Science And Its Gems Have Lost Their Charm For Us Through Everyday Use We Have Tried In This Book To Refresh Them For You The Main Part Of The Book Is Made Up Of Problems The Best Way To Deal With Them Is Solve The Problem By Yourself Compare Your Solution With The Solution In The Book If It Exists Go To The Next Problem However, If You Have Difficulties Solving A Problem And Some Of Them Are Quite Difficult , You May Read The Hint Or Start To Read The Solution If There Is No Solution In The Book For Some Problem, You May Skip It It Is Not Heavily Used In The Sequel And Return To It Later The Book Is Divided Into Sections Devoted To Different Topics Some Of Them Are Very Short, Others Are Rather Long Of Course, You Know Arithmetic Pretty Well However, We Shall Go Through It Once , Starting With Easy Things 2 Exchange Of Terms In Addition Let S Add 3 And 5 3 5 8 And Now Change The Order 5 3 8 We Get The Same Result Adding Three Apples To Five Apples Is The Same As Adding Five Apples To Three Apples Do Not Disappear And We Get Eight Of Them In Both Cases 3 Exchange Of Terms In Multiplication Multiplication Has A Similar Property But Let Us First Agree On Notation.

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    Concise, packed with interesting and sometimes challenging problems I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Math or wants a refresher on high school algebra.

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    This is on of the best books you can get on high school algebra It is unique, because it combines usual calculation problems with proof and think about it problems which is a rare occasion in high school math The approach of this book is problem centric, that is, the authors offer just enough explanations and theory and then offer yo...

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    4 starsI can honestly say that I ve never seen elementary algebra presented in a manner quite like this There are exercises scattered throughout the book to improve computation, but there s also an abundance of proof questions that are both challenging and deeply interesting Despite the identity crisis the book seems to have try explaining a derivative to an algebra I student and the rather confusing section on inequalities, everyone with even a little bit of room to improve in th...