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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Carta de Jamaica
  • Simón Bolívar
  • Spanish
  • 06 November 2019
  • 9788498165661

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    I read a translation of the letter by author Lewis Bertrand 2553120 Will publish a Spanish translation of this review as soon as possible Yo dir a Vd lo que puede ponernos en actitud de expulsar a los espa oles y de fundar un gobierno libre es la uni n, ciertamente mas esta uni n no nos vendr por prodigios divinos sino por efectos sensibles y esfuerzos bien dirigidos La Am rica est encontrada entre s , porque se halla abandonada de todas las naciones aislada en medio del universo, sin relaciones diplom ticas ni auxilios militares, y combatida por la Espa a que posee m s elementos para la guerra que cuantos nosotros furtivamente podemos adquirir. English I shall tell you with what we must provide ourselves in order to expel the Spaniards and to found a free government It is union, obviously but such union will come about through sensible planning and well directed actions rather than by divine magic America stands together because it is abandoned by all other nations It is isolated in the center of the world It has...

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    2.5 5 I read this for a module at university Conflict and Violence in the Spanish Speaking World I m quite thankful that I ve previously studied Bartolom de las Casas, which really helped me understand the context of this There s a lot about the Spanish conquistadores , whose tyranny Las Casas depicted in Brev sima relaci n de la destrucci n de las Indias In light of this Bol var is writing this letter about independence of the Latin American countries and Pan Americanism, which he realises would be impractical Some of the ideas about government and politics were quite interesting, and some of the language was memorable e.g Spain is described as wicked stepmother that is the source of all the Americas suffering , a phrase which I thought succinctly summed up everything Las Casas had previously recounted in his book, and which now sums up what Bol var is saying Overall I don t necessarily ...

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    Sim n Bol var ha hecho que con su pluma durante 20 hojas de carta, exponga una reflexi n del poder, de la pol tica de Latino Am rica Es po tico la manera en que analiza el continente americano, donde nos da el reconocimient...

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    I read this in english so I m not sure it counts.

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    Demasiado importante pero demasiado inocente.

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Carta de Jamaica La Carta De Jamaica Es Un Texto De Referencia En El Programa Bolivariano De Emancipaci N De Am Rica Las Referencias A M Xico, Venezuela, Colombia, Per Y Cuba Y Las Reflexiones Sobre Una Futura Federaci N Americana Fueron Duranto Todo El Siglo XIX Una Continua Fuente De Inspiraci N Para El Continente.

About the Author: Simón Bolívar

Sim n Jos Antonio de la Sant sima Trinidad Bol var y Palacios, commonly known as Sim n Bol var was a Venezuelan military and political leader Together with Jos de San Mart n, he played a key role in Latin America s successful struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire.Following the triumph over the Spanish Monarchy, Bol var participated in the foundation of the first union of independent