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Erotic Fantasy: Tales of the Paranormal Paranormal Impossible To Explain By Any Scientific Method This Is The Literal Definition Of The Word Paranormal But This Word Invokes So Much Images Of The Deadly Seduction Of A Vampire, The Sinful Embrace Of A Demon, Mythical Love Of Gods And Goddesses This Is But The Beginning Of What The Word Paranormal Conjures Up The Sixty Nine Stories And Poems In This Book Combine The Worlds Of Erotica And The Paranormal Dangerous And Forbidden, Frightening And Arousing, Magical And Mythical Enjoy As Each Writer And Poet Weaves Tales That Will Have You Longing Or Fearing The Erotic Fantasy Contributors John Weagly, H H Self, Shelly Yates, Clio Knight, Glyn Armitage, Steve Savas, Anthony Beal, Lynne Den Hartog, Lee Clark Zumpe, Ramona Thompson, Brendan Connell, A.J Heard, Ian Hawke, Barry Hollander, Brian Rosenberger, Sheela Ardrian, Christopher Jones, Rochelle Mitchell, Justin Josephnek Klver, Andrea Dale, Lawrence Schimel, Philip Robinson, F Gernier, Marcel K Bromius, Jill Knowles, C Dennis Moore, Seduced2Cheat, D L Tash, Robert Buckley, William DeVente, Lawrence Barker, M T Douglass, D Musgrave, Mia Jennings, Ozit Bittner, Judy Lynn Day, William Meikle, Lily Ryder, Daniel Thornton, Ray Wallace, David Bain, Carmine, Mark McLaughlin, Tony Leather, Eugie Foster, Colleen Anderson, P Courson, Sharon Moore, Alyn Rosselini, A.M Norman, Ann Cory, Christian Brinner, Michelle Houston, Francesca Angelique Carrillo, Jude Mason, L Marie Wood, J.R Cain, Mark Antone, Bruce Boston, Jocelyn Bringas, SilverRaven, Bes R Walker, Jules, Geneva King, Vila Rane, Norman A Rubin, Justus Roux

  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Erotic Fantasy: Tales of the Paranormal
  • Justus Roux
  • English
  • 15 January 2019
  • 9781594573378

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