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    Even though this is a text book, I still found it very easy to read The anecdotes and case studies definitely kept it interesting There were even nights that I found myself staying up late to finish chapters That s about the best recommendation that I can give to an academic text.

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Urban Wildlife Management A CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title While Much Has Been Written About The Factors That Either Promote Or Prevent Proliferation Of Wildlife In Urban Settings, Forward Thinking Professors Instructing In This Area Have Had To Rely On Their Own Ability To Collect Information From The Published Literature Even Then, It Has Been A Challenge To Find Research That Examines The Entire Picture Of Human Wildlife Interaction, Beyond Those That Focus On Problems Associated With Nuisance Urban WildlifeUrban Wildlife Management Is The First Comprehensive Text To Examine The Issues That Have Led To The Need For Human Wildlife Interface Management Strategies The Book Focuses Not Only On Ecological Matters, But Also Incorporates The Political, Economic, And Societal Issues Relevant To The Development Of Proactive Management Planning Synthesizing Hundreds Of Journal Articles, As Well As Countless Other Sources On Urban Wildlife Management, The Book Organizes A Wealth Of Material Under Five Subject Areas Urban Landscapes, Urban Ecosystems, Urban Habitats And Hazards, Sociopolitical Issues, And Special Management ConsiderationsUrban Wildlife Management Educates Students In The Fundamental Principles Of Ecology Required To Understand How Human Made Environments Lead To The Need For Urban Wildlife ManagementExploring The Changing Landscape Of Wildlife Management, The Authors Offer Students A Historical Perspective, Along With A Look At Current Trends And Future Directions Of Wildlife Management They Include Selected Lessons In Ecology Relevant To Understanding The Presence Or Absence Of Wildlife Species In Urban Communities These Lessons Look At The Impacts Of Urbanization On Ecosystem Structure And Function, Including Waterways, Predation, And Population Dynamics Urban Habitats Are Discussed In Terms Of The Unique Features Of Green And Gray Spaces, Urban Streams, And Urban Soils The Book Also Considers Both Endangered Species And Overabundant Wildlife Populations