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    Synopsis taken from When her best friend, Toni, talks Jill Gardner into spending summer in Europe, Jill is worried Toni has been leading her into scrapes since they were kids, and Jill is sure their trip will spark an international disaster But when they arrive in France, it s a romantic Italian boy named Carlo who turns Jill s world upside down Jill falls hard for Carlo But she knows her boyfriend, Craig, is waiting for her in Seattle And she loves him, too She doesn t want to hurt Craig but handsome, persuasive Carlo is doing his best to steal her heart.Visit Toni and Jill in the later college series, On Our Own.Janet Quin Harkin also writes murder mysteries under the name Rhys Bowen.

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    Yikes, that was one depressing ending Also, I m guessing we re supposed to find Toni madcap and charming but adult me was just super stressed out and terrified for her Not fun.

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The Great Boy Chase When Her Best Friend, Toni, Talks Jill Gardner Into Spending Summer In Europe, Jill Is Worried Toni Has Been Leading Her Into Scrapes Since They Were Kids, And Jill Is Sure Their Trip Will Spark An International Disaster But When They Arrive In France, It S A Romantic Italian Boy Named Carlo Who Turns Jill S World Upside DownJill Falls Hard For Carlo But She Knows Her Boyfriend, Craig, Is Waiting For Her In Seattle And She Loves Him, Too She Doesn T Want To Hurt Craig But Handsome, Persuasive Carlo Is Doing His Best To Steal Her Heart