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Madoc AD Embittered By The Tyranny Of The English Monarchy, Welsh Prince Madoc Sailed With Ships Of Settlers Across The Western Ocean In Search Of A New Home Three Centuries Before Columbus, He Landed On The Southern Coast Of North America And There Founded A Colony Of Free Welsh In Fertile But Alien Terrain As They Sought To Carve Out A Settlement, They Encountered Tribes Of Native Americans And Shared Their Struggle To Survive In A Wild Land

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    I give the writer credit for having done a fair amount of research into pre Columbian European voyages and attempted colonizations of North America, especially as it was written prior to the age of the internet search engine and is well Bibliographied Likewise, her research into AmerIndian tribal culture and legends for the era Those are her strengths Building and developing relationships between characters, except for a few flashes of indirect empathy, is not.

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    There have been many stories from Native Americans about White Men in their history, but the white men hearing this ignored it because they did not believe it Madoc is a Welshman who took three ships from Wales to the Norse secret isles He found the North American continent instead This book is about his travels across the Atlantic and in parts of the Southeast America.An easy to read story Well worth the time.