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Sea Energy Agriculture Reprinted By Popular Demand Maynard Murray Was A Medical Doctor Who Researched The Crucial Importance Of Minerals Especially Trace Elements To Plants And Animals Beginning In 1938 And Continuing Through The 1950s, Dr Murray Used Sea Solids Mineral Salts Remaining After Water Is Evaporated From Ocean Water As Fertilizer On A Variety Of Vegetables, Fruits And Grains His Extensive Experiments Demonstrated Repeatedly And Conclusively That Plants Fertilized With Sea Solids And Animals Fed Sea Solid Fertilized Feeds Grow Stronger And Resistant To Disease Sea Energy Agriculture Recounts Murray S Experiments And Presents His Astounding Conclusions The Work Of This Eco Ag Pioneer Was Largely Ignored During His Lifetime, And His Book Became A Lost Classic Out Of Print For Over 25 Years Now This Rare Volume Is Available To A New Generation Of Readers.

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    With reference to organic and inorganic chemistry, the author makes a great case for using sea solids as fertilizer Will be trying this once the snow is gone.

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    I wish he d had practical instruction on how to fertilize a home garden with sea solids But it was very informative nonetheless.