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    I received this book for free from a Goodreads drawing.I finished this book yesterday, and had to wait a bit to gather my thoughts on it First, it is a very compelling read The entire story is fascinating from beginning to end, and I was barely able to finish reading it before my 13 year old daughter snatched it from my hands so that she could read it I m not much for lengthy recaps of the story, or for long, specific reviews of the books that I read, but I will say that I enjoyed the book for what it was I believe that something is out there I believe that people have had experiences that they cannot explain I don t necessarily believe everything in this book, and a large part of that is due to the fact that every single person in this book except for maybe the mom, and the odd roommate here and there had, not only no trouble believing the author completely, but had their own experience, either with the author, or on their own and having conversations of being surrounded by aliens, floating through walls, and UFO s floating down the street at 4 Am was completely prosaic and not shocking at all That s not to say I didn t like the book, or that I don t believe any of it, but that stuck with me and bothered me all the way through.

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    I received this book for free from the Goodreads first read giveaway This was a kinda unusual book, the chapters read like interconnected short stories Some of the chapters did not seem to have anything to do with the theme of the book The first of three books your gonna have to read them all to understand what is going on Don t let the 499 pages scare you, the type size and line spacing makes it read much shorter.

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    Wasn t sure what to think about this book I am the ultimate sceptic when it comes to aliens and abductions However, this book was well written and cohesive Writen in an almost snapshot form, the memories are clearly real to the author I am unsure whether it has changed my scepticism any, but I enjoyed reading this book I look forward to the sequel.

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Experience (Experience Memoirs, #1) Elizabeth Anglin Was A Skeptic Though She Had Experienced Some Strange Things, And Was Afraid Of Aliens For Most Of Her Childhood, She Considered Her Fears To Be Irrational She Didn T Believe Friends And Family Members Who Said They Saw Aliens, Or Had Relationships With Aliens, Or Evenhad Been Alien In A Past Life She Thought They Were Suffering From Stress, Or An Inability To Distinguish Dreams From RealityThen, On November She Found Herself Face To Face With An Alien In Her Apartment, And Realized This Kind Of Event Had Happened Before Even Worse, She Realized That A Boy She Knew Growing Up Had Probably Been Killed When An Abduction Experience Went Wrong, And That Aliens Can Make Mistakes Sometimes Deadly Mistakes Terrified, She Contacted Abduction Researcher Budd Hopkins, Who Put Her In Touch With Dr John E Mack At Harvard University Soon After, She Became One Of The First Abductees To Research Abduction Experiences With Dr MackThis Is The Story Of What Happened Before That Research