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Sanguis Irae Free Sanguis Irae By Gav Thorpe Blood Angels Librarian Calistarius, No Stranger To Battling The Dreaded Alien Genestealers Aboard Sinister Space Hulks, Faces His Greatest Challenge Yet Boarding An Unnamed Vessel Alongside His Terminator Battle Brothers, Calistarius Is Assaulted By A Creature Of Prodigious Psychic Might That Brings Forth His Inner Daemons As He Fights Off The Psychic Attack, The Librarian And His Fellows Must Find The Creature And Destroy It Before All Fall To The Black Rage.Sanguis Irae Is Also Available In The Novella Sin Of Damnation.

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    This follows the exploits of Librarian Calistarius as, many years after the Sin of Damnation mission, he boards another space hulk and uses his powers to search for answers within the mind of a dying Blood Angel What he finds there, amongst the fractured recollections of Sanguinius brought on by the Black Rage, shows him the grave danger he and his brothers are in.You might assume this is another space hulk...

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    This story was reviewed together with Sanguis Irae by Gav Thorpe You can read a full review over at my blog Workshop s Space Hulk, a Warhammer 40,000 tabletop classic has recently seen a new lease on life The game is being brought back for a new generation of players, and to accompany the release of the game itself, Black Library recently put out a quartet of short stories and even a novella focusing on the core concept of the game Space Marine Terminators fighting off against a Tyranid infestation in space From what I can tell, the re release has been received very positively, as well as it should, given the place that Space Hulk has in Warhammer 40,000 tabletop gaming history.Two of the stories released so far are The Black Pilgrims by Guy Haley and Sanguis Irae by Gav Thorpe The former focuses on a small force of Black Templars led by Castellan Adelard, while the latter focuses on an equally small force of Blood Angels led by Brother Librarian Calistarius I didn t quite like The Black Pilgrims as much as I did Sanguis Ir...

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