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Computer Architecture Contents Chapter Introduction Of Computer Architecture And Organization Introduction, Von Neuman Architecture, Flynn S Classification Of Computer Architecture, Register Transfer And Micro Operation, Register Transfer Language, Arithmetic Micro Operation, Logic Micro Operation, Shift Micro Operations, Arithmetic Logic Shift Unit, Bus And Memory Transfer, A Bus, Memory Transfer, Review Questions Chapter Computer Organization And Design Introduction, Computer Registers, Common Bus System, Computer Instruction, Memory Reference Instruction, Register Reference Instruction, Input Output Instruction, Instruction Completeness, Instruction Cycle, Instruction Fetch, Instruction Decode, Instruction Execution, Addressing Modes, Types Of Addressing Modes, Design Of A Basic Computer ,Review Questions Chapter Central Processing Unit Introduction , General Register Organization, Stack Organization, Instruction Formats, Data Transfer And Manipulation, Data Transfer Instructions, Data Manipulation Instruction, Program Control Instructions, CISC ,RISC Characteristics, Review Questions Chapter Pipelining Introduction, Performance Measures, Bottlenecks, Arithmetic Pipeline, Instruction Pipelines, Vector Processing, Review Questions Chapter Introduction Of Computer Arithmetic Introduction, Adder, Ripple Carry Adder, Carry Look Ahead Adder, Addition And Subtraction With Signed Magnitude Data, Multiplication, Add And Shift Multiplication, Array Multiplier, Booth Multiplier, Division Algorithm, Restoring Technique, Non Restoring Technique, Floating Point Arithmetic Operation, Floating Point Representation, Addition And Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Review Questions Chapter Introduction Of Memory Organization Introduction, Characteristics Of Memory Device, Memory Hierarchy, Main Memory, Random Access Memory, Read Only Memory, Auxiliary Memory, Associative Memory, Cache Memory, Direct Mapping, Associative Mapping, Set Associative Memory, Replacement Algorithm, Write Policy, Virtual Memory, Paging, Segmentation, Demand Paging, Page Replacement, Review Questions Chapter Input Output Organization Introduction , Input Output Interface, I O Bus, Data Transfer Method, Memory Mapped I O, Modes Of Transfer, Programmed I O, Interrupt Initiated I O, Priority Interrupt, Daisy Chaining Priority, Parallel Priority Interrupt, Direct Memory Access DMA, Input Output Processor, Input Output Instruction Types, IOP Organization, Review Questions

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