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And God Made a Mistake In The Midst Of This New Millennium And The Challenges Faced By Humanity, Emerges A Scientist With A Mission To Make Us Immortal But, Will This Antagonize God, The Omnipresent Force That Watches, Hears, Listens And Evaluates Our Every Move Or Will He Be Pleased That We Are Trying To Conquer Death

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    This book offers a perfect piece for those who wish to satiate their never dying urge to read good Scientific fiction For the novice, who have not read any fiction, i strongly recommend to begin your reading spree with this book This book is written in a very lucid and precise manner and never ever in the book the readers realize that this is author maiden attempt in this genre.

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    The book is really good Writer has done good work Out of the box thinking and Completely unexpected ending This book will make you realise how Indian epics can b used in murder mystery the same way they are used in Dan brown s novels good work Mohit as your first novel Keep Writing

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