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The Secret Corps 1 New York Times Bestseller Peter Telep Is Back With The Secret Corps, His Latest Pulse Pounding Thriller Incorporating A Call To Action Unlike Anything Seen Before In Contemporary Fiction When A Small Town Home Invasion Results In A Tragic Death, Retired Marine Master Sergeant James Johnny Johansen Agonizes Over Questions Whose Answers Threaten His Loved Ones, His Career, And His Company The Most Serious Question Of All Is Johnny S Family Linked To Islamic Extremists In The United States Johnny Turns To Willie, Corey, And Josh His Former Brothers In Arms Relying On Their Skills As Highly Trained Marines, The Team Uncovers A Treacherous Plot Involving A Renegade Defense Contractor And The Highest Levels Of A U.S Intelligence Network Risking Their Lives To Reveal The Shocking Details Of The Operation, Johnny And His Friends Discover That Hundreds Of Terrorists Are Poised To Launch A Coast To Coast Attack On American Soil Time Is Running Out Who Can Johnny Trust No One Except THE SECRET CORPS

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    Telep captures the special somethings that make men and women join the United States Marine Corps His novel Secret Corps captures the Marine Corps ideals such as Semper Fedilis Always Faithful as well as honor, duty, and country despite the self sacrifices they might be called upon to make In the story four no longer active duty Marines uncover a terrorist plot that encompasses the whole nation and work to prevent it This is an excellent read for Marines and non Marines alike and sheds light on what could happen if today s incidents of terror and lawless activities by special interest groups continue The book is a wakeup call for America It is a must read My copy was a free review copy from the author.

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    I m new to author Peter Telep and when I got the chance to read his novel The Secret Corps I wasn t prepared for what was in store I was immediately drawn into the story by Peter s fine storytelling skills, narrative and elegant writing The characters are properly fleshed, the storyline is something which can be the headline of tomorrow s newspaper, and twists and turns kept me hooked from start to finish.The Secret Corps by Peter Telep is about retired Marine Master Sergeant James Johnny Johansen who faces the biggest challenge of his life when Islamic extremists planned a series of attacks on American soil He must ponder over uncomfortable questions, and act fast if he is to thwart their sinister designs With the help of his former comrades in arms Willie, Corey, and Josh, Johnny uncovered that the plot has penetrated at various levels, and time was running out.Author Peter Telep crafted an enjoyable and absorbing thriller which will delight readers with an abomination for plotters of horrendous violence of the 9 11 type Hinging on the edge of xenophobia, which may not be taken too kindly by readers espousing political correctness, The Secret Corps is a timely read which reflects the mindset at the end of the other political spectrum It is also a thriller which showcased the ideals of faithfulness, honor, duty and sacrifice for country.

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    A small town terrorist invasion results in a tragic death Retired Master SergeantJames Johnny Johansen agonizes over questions whose answers threaten his loved ones, his career, and his company The most serious question of all is Johnny s familylinked to islamic extremists in the U.S Johnny has no one else to turn to except his former brothers in arms, Willie, Corey and Josh Relying on all their skills the highly trained Marines uncover a treacherous plot involving a renegade defense contractorand co conspirators at the highest levels of U.S Intelligence Risking their lives to revealthe shocking details of the operation Johnny and his friends discover that hundreds of terrorists are poised to launch a coast to coast attack on American soil Time is runningout and Johnny has no one to trust except his buddies The Secret Corps This is book one in The Secret Corps series and it s not a bad story I thought that Peter Telep got a little carried away with the Marine camarde stuff and I know a little about this because I was in the Marines for 8 years Of course he was talking about lifers and there a little bitdifferent.I still liked the book though and I gave it a 4.

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    This was another book recommended to me by the personalized, creepy at times, ads on Facebook I could tell right away that this was a pro military book, which is fine However, it was surprised at just how jingoistic it turned out to be Instead of pro military, I came away feeling it to be anti Muslim Not a single positive Muslim character in the entire book It really read as far right, anti government, anti Islam, pro military propaganda But man, I couldn t put it down The author really knows how to build suspense and keep you interested in what s going on The four main ex Marine characters are all good guys and you want to see what happens with them And, indeed, the initial inquiry of the book, is one of the Marine s brother s a radicalized Muslim, keeps you chugging right along with the character You want to know That said, I found after this book that I started to look at Muslims I encountered in the street differently The premise of this book, that ALL Muslims are part of a grand conspiracy to take down the United States, is infectious in this climate of terrorist attacks across the globe I hope and believe that that isn t the case, but this book makes no bones about it Even though it was an entertaining read, along the lines of a Tom Clancy novel, I m not sure I d recommend it.

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    I have great respect for the US Marines and their brotherhood and achievements, but this was far too much of a love letter to the Marines.A group of ex Recon Marines discover links into a terrorist plot through the brother of one of their team The brother is killed and the question is whether he was converted or just an innocent victim So, suspicious of the Establishment, the guys start their own investigation using their significant skills At its core this is another fundamentalist terrorist plot, but doesn t really deliver for me It offers nothing fresh or new, the writing and the dialogue is clunky and it should have been much better The author seems to have put the focus on respecting the Marines and their attitudes towards each other and not enough on the things that matter like plot, characterisation and dialogue.

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    This was an OK thriller Sadly I was a little disappointed The story line abut ex Marines uncovering a massive terrorist plot had great potential Unfortunately, the action scenes seemed like just marking time in getting towards solving the mystery And I even guessed a couple of the plot twists OK, but it could have been better.

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    I am reading this because my nephew is a character in the book that s right a real person as a character in this story I don t know how many characters are like that I m not sure I would have chosen this book otherwise I m finding the story a little disconcerting More when I ve finished it.

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    Thrilling read packed with action and an end that packs a punch There are plenty of real life examples of veterans taking courageous action when needed Telep takes that theme and weaves a compelling call to action Hell, I know I d have turned out for my brothers in arms.

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    Very well written story.It was a fine read from an author that I had not previously experienced Mr Telep s ability to maintain order in the complex story is commendable.

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    A great post 9 11 thriller

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