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Courting the Cowboy Boss (Texas Cattlemans Club: Lies and Lullabies #1) For One Wealthy Rancher, It S An Upstairs Downstairs Affair Only From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Janice Maynard As New President Of The Texas Cattleman S Club, Case Baxter Has His Hands Full He Needs A Housekeeper, But He S Been Burned Before By Gold Digging Employees Still, When Fiery Redhead Melinda Winslow Shows Up, His Attraction Is Undeniable Mellie Has Big Plans For Her Small Cleaning Service A Powerful Client Like Case Baxter Is A Boon To Her Business But Falling For Him Could Mess Everything Up Mellie Knows How To Handle A Mess If Case Isn T Too Hot To Handle Enjoy A Special Texas Cattleman S Club Lies And Lullabies Bonus Prequel Short Story From Janice Maynard

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    Case Baxter has a real problem trusting women Years ago he fell in love with and married one of his employees When he discovered she was a gold digger, only with him for his money and what she could get from him, it stung him badly and severely bruised his confidence and judgement He was so sure she loved himbut she didn t He couldn t believe she had pulled the wool over his eyes and he has never trusted a woman since nor has he allowed one to enter him home Now that he has taken upon the position of the president of the Texas Cattleman s Club and running his prosperous and busy ranch, he needed a housekeeper When he answers his door for the meeting with a housekeeping service he is shocked to see a red headed beauty.Mellie has big plans for her business and expansion Having Case Baxter as a client, whom she could ask to give recommendations, would certainly boost her business He gives her the job but r...

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    This one took a little while to get in to I was a bit put off by Case, he was just a little to intense for me In the end I enjoyed it.

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    COURTING THE COWBOY BOSSAs new president of the Texas Cattleman s Club, Case Baxter has his hands full He needs a housekeeper, but he s been burned before by gold digging employees Still, when fiery redhead Melinda Winslow shows up, his attraction is undeniable.What a great book, such romance and excitement of what will or will not happen I could not put the book down, I wanted to find out if Case and Melinda would make it as a ...

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    Case knew that taking on the presidency of the Texas Cattle Club would add extra work to his plate so hiring help around the house is exactly what he needs What he wasn t expecting was Mellie Mellie has worked hard to build her cleaning business and the chance to w...

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    Landowner and the Hired HelpStandalone, but enriched by reading the volumes in order The story is lifted by its older main characters, and grounded plot The central conflict, however, falls on the weaker side, and issues that could have been plumbed, are simply addressed.

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    A cute, easy, quick read The characters were engaging The story was good but the romance seemed a little rushed at times.

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    Very good start to the new series Case has just been elected as the new president of the TCC and is feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything he has to do He has a busy ranch, his investments to track, and now the TCC Unfortunately, his house falls at the bottom of the list and it is beginning to show He needs to hire a housekeeper to replace the one who retired Case is a very private person who has trust issues Long ago he had fallen in love and married an employee, who turned out to be interested only in his money Since then he has kept his liaisons superficial, and women are not invited to his home Mellie s company comes highly recommended, so he decides to take a chance He doesn t expect his new housekeeper to be a beautiful redhead who piques his interest.Mellie has devoted all her time and energy to her business, with big plans for eventual expansion Having a client like Case would be an excellent advertisement The last thing she needs to do is fall for a man who is way out of her league, but she can t deny that he tempts her.I loved the relationship that developed between Case and Mellie There were sparks from the beginning, but not all of them were ...

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    I really enjoyed this book I got two books for the price of one Both books was a fun way to pass away a Sunday afternoon In Courting the Cowboy boss, Cass had just been elected as the new president of the Texas Cattleman s Club He is a bit over whelmed He is a man that loves his privacy He has never brought a lady into his home since his divorce He knows he can t do it all So he breaks down and hires a cleaning company He was a little shocked when Mellie the owner of the company shows up to clean his home Millie has worked hard devoting all her time, and energy into getting her business up and running She has not dated in years I think both Mellie, and Case are a little shocked at the chemistry the two shares It was sweet to see the friendship, and trust that developed between these two very private people Mellie s father is the town drunk He is a alcoholic She knows he needs help She begs and pleads with him Her father alway...

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    D2409 Nov2015 TCC Lies and Lullabies 1 Case Baxter learned a hard lesson after he married one of his employees He s vowed never to get involved with another one He s been elected as the new president of the Texas Cattleman s Club His home needs cleaning, his housekeeper has retired Melinda owns a cleaning company, she could use the business that doing Case s house would generate Her father is a big problem, threatening to r...

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