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    What I just cannot understand about this book is how they make it seem like OMG I will find the cause of my Hashimoto s.and I will kill it No it s no that simple I decided to stop reading these books after this one because, get this, YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL and your Hashimoto s may be different than mine gasp SOOOOOO what works for me, might not work for you An ok book if it is the first one you are reading about Hashimoto s, and pretty crummy one if it isn t.

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    This was a quicker read then I had hoped but it was good It gives sound advice for diet and other helpful information for people who are suffering from Hashimotos It also emphasizes the danger of not eating right and what the possible consequences might be.

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    UsefulEasy to understand and follow with helpful recipes included Going to share with my family seems to run in the family Looking to reclaim life.

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    Huh Very confusing book First it tells you what foods to eliminate from your diet, then it gives recipes that include those same foods.

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    Would love to give it no stars.Has some good information but not anything new to someone suffering from Hashimotos But seriously only six recipes What a waste of money

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