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TANZIA Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ASIN B00X0KUXGS There Are Limits Beyond Which One Should Not Venture, For The Loss Of Everything Is All That Dwells There Swords, Guns, Elves, Norse, Dwarves, Aristocracy, Castles, Brothels, Saloons, Mead Halls, Locomotives, And Some Noodles Too All Set Against Recession, Native Uprising And The Breach Of Hell On The Old World This Is Not Only A Fresh Take On Fantasy With Its Clever Intertwining Of A Wild West Setting This Is A Challenging Entry Into A Complex And Detailed Epic It S A Time Of Recession, And All Br Tan Andreas Wants To Do Is Support His Family, But His Doggedness Blinds Him To The Signs That The World As He Knows It Is About To Change Irrecoverably, And The Cost Is Higher Than He Could Ever Have Imagined There Are Many Around Him Both Near And Far Similarly Condemned To Accept This New World And Their Altered Roles Within It, All Of Them Tethered By Such Great Upheaval The Old World Will Be Created Anew, And Ownership Shall Be Contested.

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    This was one of the unique fantasy novels that I ve read recently It s as if fantasy met western novels which met vikings I really liked that distinctive take on the genre as it was fresh and interesting.Unfortunately, there were many little flaws that detracted from my overall enjoyment Perhaps many of them exist due to the short length of this book Since it s just under two hundred pages, there isn t nearly enough character development or plot to sustain my interest Some characters come and go within a single chapter which makes me wonder as to their purpose They didn t die, so I hope that they come back in the next installment If not, than certain people are just entirely pointless and don t contribute whatsoever to the overarching story.Developments came and went too quickly as well Some plot ideas were dropped after being introduced Again, I imagine that they may have some bearing later in the series, but for the purpose of this story it was all very chaotic and haphazard It definitely reads like an introductory setup for things to come.As far as writing, I loved the author s evocative descriptions that held my attention throughout I just wish there was some editing There was an overabundant use of commas where other punctuation would suffice and the utilization of underlining a word for emphasis instead of italicizing really bothered me for some reason.All in all, it was a unique story that I would enjoy continuing if other books are released in the series The author s biggest strengths were his descriptions and the unique setting that I haven t seen before in my fantasy readings While the novel could use a little editing and a cohesive structure, it was a worthwhile read.

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