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Underwater Secrets A Mysterious Photo Of A Handsome Stranger A Forgotten China Set Tucked Away In The Corner Of The Attic Claire Fitzgerald Is Already Struggling To Live Up To The Perfect People Around Her When She S Faced With Her Mother S Death While Sifting Through The Pieces Of Her Mother S Past, She Discovers A Need To Reconcile Her Memories Of A Woman She Idolized With The Truth Of Who She Really Was Alternating Between Generations And Intertwining The Stories Of Claire And Her Mother, Underwater Secrets Teaches That Sometimes The Key To Loving Ourselves Involves Learning To Love The People Around Us, Quirks And All

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    It is very unusual for me to be drawn into a novel by the book cover This is not to say that I don t appreciate or enjoy the art on book covers but merely to share that it is not usually the key sourcing element for my book selection In this case, as I was perusing the list of monthly selections in the Early Reviewer offerings on LibraryThing, the book cover by Shari Ryan caught my attention I then read the book description and wasn t sure if I could read a novel that would share the main character s grief in the loss of her mother but still requested the title I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this title as an Early Reviewer from LibraryThing.The chapters alternate between Claire Fitzgerald s view in the present day and her mother Emelia Nolen s view in 1965 on Suncook Lake, New Hampshire Although happily married and the successful entrepreneur of Paige s Photography, Claire is filled with insecurities in all of her life roles particularly as mother to her daughter of toddler age named Paige and the anxieties and uncertainties are ever increasing since her mother s death Claire is cleaning out the attic after her mother s death and discovers aged, black and white photographs of her mother and a handsome man who isn t her father There are so many questions but there is also the realization that in every photograph of her mother and this mystery man there is the same smile on her mother s face one that took up her entire face and not just her mouth, one that completely reached her glowing crystal clear, violet blue eyes There is also discovery of a letter to her mother from a man named Charlie Who is Charlie Is Charlie the mystery man in the old photos Then in another corner of the attic, there is a set of china and for as long as Claire can remember she had never seen her mother use this china But wait Claire does remember a photo of the stranger using the exact same teacup that Claire is now holding in her hands How can that be What does it mean The novel is beautifully written as the story flows seamlessly through the alternating chapters A smooth transition of a storyline is an artistic expression of writing and this example is flawless This story reveals the depth of a daughter s poignant emotions following her mother s death but not in a maudlin manner As the story unfolds from Claire s view and her mother s view, a mother s past unfolds and a daughter s questions are answered Memories of the past become clearer and recognition of a family history become the stepping stones to the future.Although I am not a book club participant, I can imagine this novel as a wonderful book club read particularly for a multi generational group of women to share and discuss The highest compliment that I can give to this book is to share that I know that I will read this book again As British actor, Stephen Fry says, The thing that keeps one living is a sense of future This novel reminds us of the joy in ordinary days that become extraordinary memories The story encourages us and inspires us to grow and understand that we become the best of ourselves as we shed our worries, become strengthened with confidence as we accept our uniqueness, and live hopefully, loving fully.

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    This is another amazing book by EJ I loved the story line of this book Claire s mother passes away and while going through her things she discovers secrets about her mom that she never knew about Claire is determined to solve the mystery of her mother s past Claire not only learns about her own mom, but she learns to trust herself as a mother also This book will have you hooked I did not want to put it down A few nights in a row I stayed up LATE reading, I just could not put the book down I received an eARC for my honest review of this book.

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    I enjoyed reading this book The mystery behind Claire s mother s Emelia secret life had me captivated pretty much from the beginning Claire becomes and obsessed with solving the mystery of her mother s past, but she must do so while struggling with her recent death The author tells the story alternating between the perspective of present day Claire and her struggle to be a good mother to her young daughter to that of Emelia from her late childhood to her mid 20s at which time her life drastically changed for reasons unknown to Claire and the reader This book was a page turner for me because, based on what we read of Emelia, I couldn t imagine why and how her life could have strayed so drastically from the perfect one she had as her story begins Of course, the discovery was halted by teasers when the book switched to Claire in the present day Usually with a structure like this of switching from the present to that of the older generation, I am interested in one than the other, and in the case of Underwater Secrets I wasn t interested in Claire s story at all I understand that Claire s journey through Emelia s past was meant to come full circle to help Claire better cope with her own insecurities as a mother I just wasn t interested and had to plod my way through those chapters so I could go back to the past.There were a couple of small things that really were of little significant to the book, but they bothered me nonetheless When the author is describing Emelia s summers as a girl, she writes They would smoke cigarettes and watch as the town whore, Debbie O Malley, would get felt up by a different guy every weekend A page later she writes, And Uncle Eddie would always end up conking out with a half drunk beverage in his hand on the reclinerOn some occasions he would have a lady friend asleep in the crook of his arm, somehow tangled together in all the right places to fit in the chair I do realise the author is describing life in another era, but it wasn t written in the first person and I wish she had refrained from propagating double standards and sexist attitudes where it adds little, if anything, to the substance of the story Later she describes Emelia s figure as attractive Her ribs jutted out from her bare belly just enough to make her appear thin but not overly skinny That physique would in today s society be considered attractive unfortunately, and we all know the ramifications of this on girls and womens health so why bother characterising an attractive female body using the words ribs and jutted out in the same sentence It s unfortunate.Overall it is short and easy reading and would be great to have at hand on a sunny beach this summer I enjoyed the book, and I would recommend it to others I received this book from Library Thing in exchange for a fair review.

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    One woman s sacrifice for a childOne particular statement sums up this book True love has a thickness that doesn t thin out over time it s strength built on layer after layer of memories and devotion The main character s mother demonstrated this love for her child That woman s first husband demonstrated it for her The main character demonstrated it for her parents Overall the forms of love shown in this story are varied and make a good story that held my interest thru out I liked that it was told in past and present chapters so that the backstory was revealed thru out the book A new author for me but I will look for other books from her.

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    I received a copy of this novel through the Librarything Early Reviewers scheme Claire s mother, Emelia, dies and while Claire is going through her belongings she discovers photographs which reveal that Emelia was married to a man called Charlie before she married Claire s father, Joe Claire eventually tracks Charlie down and learns why he and Emelia got divorced, despite being soulmates The story is told in alternating time frames, switching between Emelia s youth in the late 1950s early 1960s and Claire in 2008.There were elements of this story which I enjoyed the scenes at the lake were well described and the scene where Tommy dies was gripping although irrelevant to everything that followed On the other hand, I never felt I really got to know any of the characters Emelia s decision to allow Charlie to leave her was described as saddening to her, but I never let any sense of her emotional struggle or the weighing of factors Would you really part from the love of your life because he had a low sperm count and then remarry almost immediately afterwards Claire made no real sense to me either I know she was grieving, but she didn t like anyone at all She tells Adam when they meet how much she loves dogs, but then ignores their own dog Her poor daughter s very voice annoys Claire along with everything else Paige says and does Adam is a saintly husband, but Claire is jealous of his attractive colleague and lies to him about why she is going to California with him Why Why doesn t she just say I have discovered my mother was married before and I am going to see if I can track down Charlie The language grated on me in places I particularly dislike off of and in one place Emelia s name is used when it should be Claire There was a lot of description, but relatively little actually happened and in places this novel dragged for me.

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    Claire has just lost her mother and her whole world seems to no longer makes sense She resents the close relationship her husband has with her daughter and without her mom to guide her doesn t seem to know how to bridge the gap that she has with her little girl On top of that she becomes deeply in delved into the mystery of her mother s life during the years before she married Claire s father and started a family She finds the remains of a marriage never mention, of her mother moving to a place she never knew she had lived and a house on a lake that seemed to be a huge part of her mother s growing up, yet never a word was spoken about any of it Perhaps this is Claire s way of keeping a part of her mother alive, learning the secrets of her past or perhaps her mother needed her to learn a few things for Claire to be able move forward in her life after the loss of her A mother s love is so strong that even after death she may just be guiding Claire through a journey to help her cope with losing her mom to soon As well as remind her what a blessing it is to be a mom and how overcome the insecurities she faces with her parenting and life This was a wonderful read, at the beginning I struggled with the jumps into the past with Claire s mom and back to present with Claire, but it didn t take long reading the book to understand the purpose of it and it in no way took away from the story told.

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    Once I started reading I couldn t put it down It had me hooked BlurbA mysterious photo of a handsome stranger A forgotten china set tucked away in the corner of the attic Claire Fitzgerald is already struggling to live up to the perfect people around her when she s faced with her mother s death While sifting through the pieces of her mother s past, she discovers a need to reconcile her memories of a woman she idolized with the truth of who she really was Alternating between generations and intertwining the stories of Claire and her mother, Underwater Secrets teaches that sometimes the key to loving ourselves involves learning to love the people around us, quirks and all.I was intrigued learning about Emelia Clare s mom When the story starts Emelia is the perfect mother But after her death, Claire starts looking through her mother s things and finds out just maybe she wasn t the perfect person everyone thought she was Underwater Secrets definitely had me on the edge of my seat wanting to know how everything plays out I received this book from the publisher through NetGallely in exchange for my honest review.

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    Emelia Nolen found her soul mate when she was ten It was Charlie Byrnes They grew up together and were anxiously looking forward to the day when they d be married But something happened Emelia lived to be an old age before she died Her daughter, Claire Fitzgerald, is cleaning out her mother s things There she finds old photos of her mother with someone she doesn t know She finds correspondence between her mom and Charlie But, Claire s father was George Claverly Her mother had never spoken of Charlie or anyone else for that matter She begins her own search for this stranger who at one time possessed her mother s love.The author perfectly weaves this story together by a technique of going back and forth from Claire in current day to Emelia in 1965 in Suncook Lake, New Hampshire I was totally captivated and couldn t find out the secret soon enough There is a small amount of lag time when the story strays off topic, but it is a rather short read It would be a great addition to take to the beach with you this summer Rating 4 out of 5.

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    It has to be said, the words just flew with this book, so much so, that I feared I d skipped huge bitsthere seemed to be something I was constantly missingwas Claire s dad actually alive,exactly how old was the daughter, why had Claire suddenly decided she was a rubbish mum Oh turns out her mum was good at photography too Sorry to say, based on a few instances in the book, she wasn t going to win any awards But any sympathy I was supposed to feel for Claire never showed up, she seemed too self centred to me.That aside,I liked the flashbacks, and the detective work, and the final meet upIt really did make me nostalgic for days at the lake I d never experienced As a bit of light reading, this was good, nothing deeper though.

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    Wow Another great novel from EJ Hanagan This story, a tale of a mother and daughter, splits between generations while Claire uncovers a life she never knew her mother had While Claire learns about her mother s past it becomes life changing We watch her grow as a person and be the mother she always knew she could be This story is a great page turner that will constantly keep you guessing You think you know what Claire in uncovering but SURPRISE You have no idea You ll laugh, you ll cry and you ll fall in love.

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