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Cyber One This Is A New Cover Edition For ISBN 13 978 1495359583Coordinated Cyberattacks Were Launched Against The U.S On May 8, 2020, Destroying Vast Electrical Grids Of Its Largest Cities, Sending Them Into Darkness And Chaos In The Weeks And Months That Followed, Thousands Of Citizens Perished, The American Economy Collapsed, And Gang Law Ruled The Source Of These Attacks Remained A Mystery.Miles Stevens, A Time Traveling CIA Agent With The Department Of Historic Intervention DHI , Ended His Last Mission Stranded In 2028, Never Knowing If His Partner, Terri King, Made It Safely Home To 2050 Before Returning To Learn Terri S Fate, Miles Is Given Another DHI Assignment Travel Back To 2020, Join The Newly Formed Cyber One Counterterrorism Team, And Avert The May 8th Cyberattacks From Cyber One Headquarters In Fort Meade, Maryland, Miles And His Team Pursue The Cyberterrorists To Remote Outposts In Russia And The Middle East With The May 8th Deadline Looming, Miles Stevens Once Again Races Against Time To Alter History.

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    Cyber One was a realistic, fast paced action adventure that was a pleasure to read It was very much in the vein of Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum, and the action kept pulling me from one scene to the next Complete with global politics, spy missions, shoot outs, high tech gizmos and then for added oomph time travel and mindreading thrown into the mix, this was definitely an interesting and exciting read.The only thing I could ask for of is information on Rian s mindreading her ability and or training in that area would have been interesting to learn about Another book maybe This is a well written, fast paced novel Although it is the second in the series, I never felt that I was lost and this can certainly be read as a stand alone which doesn t mean that I won t go back and read the first book I strongly recommend Cyber One to fans of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, or anyone who loves a face paced unpredictable action adventure

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    This book is sexy without the sex, which I think is the best kind At first I was worried that Cyber One, a novel about cyber terrorism, was just going to be full of technological jargon, but soon I was rewarded with some decent suspense and gripping action The writing is smart and researched, and sometimes so detailed and informative it seems plausible.The book reads much like a movie, frequently switching scenes in between different characters, locations, and years It could probably transition fairly seamlessly into a movie.The time travel was a neat feature, but I wish it would have been explored extensively Most of the time I forgot the main characters didn t belong in the year they were in Also, I felt like too many characters died unnecessarily Otherwise, Cyber One is an extremely well written book with layers of intrigue and mystery It s a great continuation of the Miles Stevens books but can stand pretty well on its own.

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    This book gives you everything you could ever want, action, thrills, kidnapping, murder, conspiracies, defections, rogue agentsthe list is endless.Guess what I enjoyed every minute of it It reminded me of a bourne type story, or mission impossible The story s plot was good and thick, the narrative, well written, and everything was in its right place.This is my first voyage into this genre, and I have to say, on the strength of this book alone, it won t be my last Thank you to the author for such an entertaining, faultless read I loved the main character Miles Stevens, he was relentless in his pursuit of the cyber terrorists, that almost gets him killedat least 3 times There is some real tension throughout, and the odd shocking WTF moment, which I like to see in a plot The support cast of Rian Summer and Tamir Malek were well conceived and played their parts well Then you had the likes of Smith, Miles main target in his quest to stop the pending terrorist attacks It amazed me how much damage can be done to the world with the use of a simple computer I shall be reading of this author s work, that for sure.

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    This book was like an exciting rocket ride from the first page right to the last D.R Shoultz has managed with Cyber One to give us something rare these days and that is a wholly original concept It was the concept of a government agency sending agents back in time to alter history that first caught my attention and made me want to read this book I was not disappointed The author expertly manages to craft a world on the fringes it looks almost like the one we live in but it s just slightly advanced In that way, as your reading it, it feels like you re gaining a glimpse into tomorrow s headlines The writing is fast paced, intriguing, and kept me turning pages well into the night.The only two minor caveats I had were, during the scenes at Cyber Com it sometimes felt confusing to me trying to keep all the bureaucratic characters straight who worked for who and why Nothing major enough to detract from the overall enjoyment though The second issue relates to what was not touched upon I expected somewhere within the story to read a detailed description of how the time travelling technology worksbut never found it Shoultz also never made any mention of how changing the past would alter the present in unexpected ways the oft described elsewhere Butterfly Effect Given this is a series though I made allowances to the fact that it could be described in future books.And I will be reading those future books I ve already purchased the first book in this series having loved this one so much.Great read

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    Exciting time slip cyber espionage story.Miles Stevens is a leading agent for the CIA Department of Historic Intervention DHI , tasked with traveling to an earlier time zone to prevent cyber terrorists from hacking into U.S computers that control major city utilities Actually, the terrorist attack had taken place and destroyed power to over a hundred million people, bringing essential services to a halt Now, Miles and team were returning to re write history and save lives and trillions of dollars They joined forces with Cyber One, part of national security whose goal was to root out threats to computer systems before critical damage was done They hid the fact that they came from the future, and blended into the Cyber One team Soon they discovered an insider on the team was collaborating with terrorists located in the Middle East the story is their search for his identity and ways to take out the cyber terrorist group This well written story moves quickly, keeping readers on the edge waiting to learn the latest twist Miles and his two team members are likable characters, facing an assortment of agency officials who either obstruct or aid their mission The puzzle is which agent is the mole, and readers are kept guessing until nearly the end Lots of action and excitement takes us through dicey situations with Miles barely escaping in one piece, facing Russian, Arab, and defector U.S spy adversaries A touch of romance accompanies Miles attraction to his team member Rian, and his yearning to find what happened to co agent Terri who disappeared on a prior mission It s an enjoyable high tech, imaginative story.I received a gift copy of this book, and this is my honest review.

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    Cyber One follows Miles Stevens, a time traveling agent with the CIA who is sent back to the year 2020 to prevent a devastating cyberattack that will cause a complete collapse and breakdown of the entire United States But with little information to go on and only a month to prevent the attack, it s a race against time to track down the terrorists across Russia and the Middle East And he has to be careful, as the he and his fellow agents interfere with events, the they risk altering history in unforeseen ways.I ll say it right now, I m a sucker for a good time travel story and a good thriller This story is both It reminds me of the show Seven Days in a way The action is always tense and thrilling and really grabs you You re never quite sure who to trust, and you can feel the desperation as Miles and the rest of Cyber One try to stop this imminent threat.Thinking back on it, I can t really find anything wrong with the story It gave me the action, science fiction thriller I thought it would and I had a hard time putting it down as the pace continued to pick up and The book doesn t let go, throwing twists and turns at you until the end, and when I finally reached the last page, I had to stop and sit for a while, coming down from the adrenaline high of the story The only thing that made me stop for pause at spots was that sometimes paragraphs of the same person speaking or doing some action would be split up a bit oddly But that s a personal opinion and not necessarily wrong.I did notice that this seems to be the second book in the Miles Stevens series I haven t read the first, but after finishing this book, I want to check it out While there are some references made to events in the first book, you can still enjoy Cyber One without having read it Without wishing to spoil anything, the main plot of stopping the cyberattack is a self contained plot that doesn t rely on knowledge from the first book I should also mention the action is about on par with what you would expect from a thriller like this and there is some strong language at points All in all, I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys their action thrillers with some sci fi here and espionage there.

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    Cyber One is a techno thriller about time travelling CIA operatives who work to stop a devastating cyber attack on the United States Despite the complex sounding setup, the writing is fairly hardboiled in the thriller vein, and draws the reader in from the off The prose is clean and stripped back, and the scenes propel the story forward effortlessly The characters and relationships are also well drawn, and appropriate for the genre And there s everything you might want from a thriller like this plenty of action, tech, suspense, mole agents, international locations, etc All woven into a tight, tension laden plot Some of the early exposition of cyber capabilities and organisations did feel a bit clunky, as well as some POV changes at the beginning, but not enough to stop me enjoying the story Overall, the novel should appeal to anyone who enjoys spy action thrillers with a bit of tech, especially with the added element of time travel AND mind reading for those looking for something a little different.

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    Cyber One is a fast paced techno thriller which follows Miles Stevens, a time transcending CIA DHI operative and his investigation into a planned past terrorist plot directed to the continental USA Without spoiling anything, the novel explores in some detail Steven s operation in the middle East as he penetrates deeper into a complex rogue organisation uncovering some unexpected truths The novel started out well for me The writing flowed nicely and there was some great interaction,dare I say it, chemistry between Miles and Rian Summer his partner which pricked my interest There s also some good backdrop and explanation about cyber terrorism, counter defence strategies and various technical jargon that didn t feel clumsy at that time which is difficult to achieve.However, for me as the novel progressed it became a bit laborious and difficult to follow with a complex web of numerous characters 25 appearing along the way, either shooting, stabbing, hanging each other up, bugging each other and chasing each other in cars etc etc I know this is to be expected in this kind of novel and I sense the author adding the time dimension element to spice things up but for me it felt a little flat and formulaic with no one character really standing out and capturing my full attention In summary my opinion good writing, but unremarkable plot characters.

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    Cyber One, Is a Fantastic book that is than just a story What I mean by that is,I felt like I was a part of an adventure than just reading about one I love this book, D.R Shoultz does a great job explaining everything , and he creates a story that made me think I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this book I wold definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes time travel and the Cyber world This is one book that I can say made me react without thinking.

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    An excellent follow upA lot shorter than the first book in this series, but just as good The author has once again scored a bullseye with this all action follow up on this very enjoyable and entertaining mission of derring do by our time travelling James bond A novel well worth the five star rating and a well recommend read.