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    This is an odd one, a collaboration between two authors and you can tell The first one Flint wrote the first 17 chapters and then the rest of the book was finished by his friend Austin Hall It s odd because they have utterly distinct styles, so the book abruptly changes Flint is verbose and mystical, setting up the mystery, and Hall is direct and detailed, as he sets out the solution It s possibly the first parallel Earth story it was written in 1920 , where a hou...

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    The first thing I ll say about this book is that there s a lot of it It consists of accounts from several narrators and spans nearly 350 pages, which is longer than my standard fare For all its faults, it does read pretty well and pretty much delivers the goods in the end The story is a sort of science fiction mystery concerning the disappearance of a professor and several others through a dimensional portal in a San Francisco house The portal is the blind spot of the title and the characters spend the bulk of the story trying to solve its mystery I m a little in the dark for background on this since the story seems to have fallen into obscurity, but I suspect that in 1921 it was a very early writing on dimensional portals and the like There wasn t anything too horribly dated at work here although I d have been fine if it had been , and none of the cliches were too jarring My only real complaints are the straight science fiction approach threw cold water ...

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    Probably awesome in its day Forry Ackerman says, The most famous fantastic novel of all time So famous it just made it to ebook two years ago and I m the first review of the paperback Between that and his quote about Metropolis I think Forrest doth let his tongue wag flatteringly too much I gave it the old, non college try in fact several tries It s a slow starter that bogs down the way any dated Sci fi story does unless it has some...

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    A classic work of science fiction, Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint wrote this book together The Blind Spot is a place where two dimensions meet The mystery is compelling, the science contemplative, and the characterizations attractive Highly recommended.

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    This is a science fiction story about an interdimensional doorway between 2 worlds Originally published as a 6 part series in the magazine Argosy in 1921 and later as a book I initially found it difficult to become absorbed in the story as the plot was slow Others will find what I thought to be slow was actually wonderous and philosophical However I did like one of the main cha...

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    I remember reading this and loving it 20yrs ago Okay, I like the hinting at the music of the spheres, and the image of the June Bug was retro fun This could be a really hip movie I got some good ideas from it for my own writing, otherwise, this wasn t worth my time.Read it again ...

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    The Blind Spot by Austin Hall 2000

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    One of my all time favorite science fiction novels.

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    I really enjoyed this book considering when it was written, sci if, metaphysical concepts.

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    The Blind Spot by Homer Eon Flint 2000

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