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Batman Following The Events Of Batman Knightquest The Search, Bruce Wayne Has Successfully Recuperated From His Broken Back And Is Ready To Resume Crime Fighting Duties As The Batman.But Jean Paul Valley, The Man Who Currently Patrols The Dark Alleyways Of Gotham City, Is Not Willing To Step Aside Further, Valley Has Become Unaccountably Violent And Reckless Driven To The Brink Of Madness By Inner Demons, The New Batman Seeks To Destroy The Old Batman In A Battle With Deadly Consequences Batman Knightsend Is The Seventh Installment In An Expansive Nine Volume Series Reprinting The Entire Batman Knightfall Storyline Contained In This Volume Are Batman 509 510, Batman Shadow Of The Bat29 30, Detective Comics 676 677, Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight 62 63, Robin 8 9, Catwoman 12 13 And Showcase 9410 And Includes Bonus Poster Artwork.

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    Oddly enough, this might be the first book in the Knightfall series that s actually good There s some nice atmosphere in Prelude to Knightfall, and pure nostalgia in the subsequent two volumes, but most of the series is either too long, too poorly organized, or both of these Even though it s a thick book, KnightsEnd is cohesive and well planned, so that something worthwhile happens in each issue that moves the plot forward Just this minimal structural effort is a relative novelty it seems like this is the first time the editorial team figures out how to do long form, multi book storytelling for real Plotwise, Bruce Wayne trains to fight nu Batman by fighting a lotta lotta ninjas in a storyline that would make Iron Fist proud, while his nu Bat nemesis Jean Paul Valley is on the trail of an old adversary from Batman Sword of Azrael, the book in which he was introduced Admittedly, there are some parts of Jean Paul s half of the story that involve some mech suits or something and it doesn t make a ton of sense, but by the book s close the writers sort of force it all together with, again, effort than has been shown in any of previous volumes.I d also like to say that not only does KnightsEnd proper have a strong, impactful resolution that rivals and perhaps surpasses the epic issue long battles from earlier volumes, but each of its three epilogues touches on some important elements of the series as a whole Batman is reunited with Robin, and Catwoman saves some lives using technology that s been floating around in the background of the series almost since its beginning But there are still notes of deep unease from the Gotham police, who have suddenly begun to question their reliance on heroes they can t control And Jean Paul villain of all villains actually seems to learn the most There s a coda here about what it means to pick yourself up from under the weight of crushing guilt and self loathing that you just don t see very often in Western adventure narratives of any stripe superheroic or otherwise I think the thing that Knightfall is ultimately about is the hubris of control what if neither the sheriff nor the stranger who comes to town is actually in the right What if, as the saying goes, the act of assuming power always automatically corrupts the powerful One of the things I think Batman is good for is asking this question over and over in a variety of ways But it s rarely good at answering it, because at the end of the day Batman is a good guy, and good guys always win With the insertion of a new Batman or nu Batman who can be explored and problematized deeply, there s the brief opportunity to challenge the idea that everyone can be redeemed, and that all struggles can be resolved Sometimes we must accept that there are things inside of us that are terrible, and we have to get back up anyway.

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    Another man has taken on the mantle of the Bat and he s abusing its power Bruce Wayne must regain his strength, his former commitment if he s to become Batman once This means turning to one of the most dangerous and devious women in the world for training This means relying on his former allies, his Robins past and present like never before This means confronting one of his former allies, one he trusted, to save him from himself.Large chunks of the story were missing, perhaps from putting together several comics from different series into one graphic novel, like Catwoman s story She served as a critical ally, a distraction, and played a major part in several key action panels, but I wondered at her motivations for being there Bruce Wayne s training under Lady Shiva wove in and out of Jean Paul Valley s descent into madness in a beautiful, surreal, and tragic fashion, giving depth to the role of Batman and what it meant to both men The bond between Dick Grayson Nightwing and Tim Drake Robin strengthened when the two partnered up, showing how well the Robins of the past and present work as a team and how they regard their interaction with Batman All the while, Tim struggles to juggle his life as Tim Drake with that as Robin during the Batman crisis Not all of the pieces of this story fit together and I felt the lack Still those which clicked told a compelling tale, one well worth reading If you ve followed the story of the broken bat and his successor, you ll want to check out the final segment.

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    I finished this storyline out of a misguided sense of completion Bruce Wayne trains for a long time to regain the Batman mantle Jean Paul Valley becomes unhinged Their final battle takes several issues to resolve to its inevitable conclusion I did like the visuals on the last page of their confrontation Ultimately this version of Jean Paul Valley was never all that compelling He was an idea, not a character I enjoyed JPV in the recent Detective Comics run by Tynion, but there was no need to go back and see his origins.

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    A strong ending to an incredibly riveting story A must read for any diehard fans of the Batman legend.

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    Just like the rest of the Knightfall quest Batman stories, this was not as fun to read twenty five years later, but it s still good.

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    A cracking How Batman Got His Groove Back story.

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