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Managing Wine Quality Managing Wine Quality, Second Edition, Volume II Oenology And Wine Quality Brings Together Authoritative Contributions From Experts Across The World S Winemaking Regions Who Cover Yeasts, Fermentation, Enzymes, And Stabilization, Amongst Other Topics A New Chapter Covers, In Detail, Extraction Technologies And Wine Quality Other Sections Cover The Management Of Wine Sensory Quality, With New Chapters Covering The Management Of Fortified Wines, Of Botrytized Wines, And Of Wines Produced From Dried Grapes In Addition, An Updated Section On Insect Taints In Wine Has Been Widened To Cover All InsectsWith A Focus On Recent Studies, Advanced Methods, And A Look To Future Technologies, This Fully Updated Edition Is An Essential Reference For Anyone Involved In Viticulture And Oenology Who Wants To Explore New Methods, Understand Different Approaches, And Refine Existing PracticesReviews Our Current Understanding Of Yeast And Fermentation Management, As Well As The Effects Of Aging On Wine QualityDetails Alternatives To Cork In Bottle Closing And The Latest Developments In The Stabilization And Clarification Of WinesIncludes New Chapters Covering Extraction Technologies For Wine Quality And On Managing The Quality Of A Wide Range Of Wine Types, Including Fortified And Botryized WinesProvides Extensively Expanded Coverage Of Insect Taints And Their Effects On Wine Quality