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Humanoid Robots Epub Humanoid Robots Author Dragomir N Nenchev Derbybusinesscentres.co.uk Humanoid Robots Modeling And Control Provides Systematic Presentation Of The Models Used In The Analysis, Design And Control Of Humanoid Robots The Book Starts With A Historical Overview Of The Field, A Summary Of The Current State Of The Art Achievements And An Outline Of The Related Fields Of Research It Moves On To Explain The Theoretical Foundations In Terms Of Kinematic, Kineto Static And Dynamic Relations Further On, A Detailed Overview Of Biped Balance Control Approaches Is Presented Models And Control Algorithms For Cooperative Object Manipulation With A Multi Finger Hand, A Dual Arm And A Multi Robot System Are Also Discussed One Of The Chapters Is Devoted To Selected Topics From The Area Of Motion Generation And Control And Their Applications The Final Chapter Focuses On Simulation Environments, Specifically On The Step By Step Design Of A Simulator Using The Matlab R Environment And Tools.This Book Will Benefit Readers With An Advanced Level Of Understanding Of Robotics, Mechanics And Control Such As Graduate Students, Academic And Industrial Researchers And Professional Engineers Researchers In The Related Fields Of Multi Legged Robots, Biomechanics, Physical Therapy And Physics Based Computer Animation Of Articulated Figures Can Also Benefit From The Models And Computational Algorithms Presented In The Book.Provides A Firm Theoretical Basis For Modelling And Control Algorithm DesignGives A Systematic Presentation Of Models And Control AlgorithmsContains Numerous Implementation Examples Demonstrated With 43 Video Clips

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