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Design of Transient Protection Systems Design Of Transient Protection Systems Including Supercapacitor Based Design Approaches For Surge Protectors Is The Only Reference To Consider Surge Protection For End User Equipment This Book Fills The Gap Between Academia And Industry, Presenting New Product Development Approaches, Such As The Supercapacitor Assisted Surge Absorber SCASA Technique It Discusses Protecting Gear For Modern Electronic Systems And Consumer Electronics, While Also Addressing The Chain Of Design, Development, Implementation, Recent Theory And Practice Of Developing Transient Surge Protection Systems In Addition, It Considers All Relevant Technical Aspects Of Testing Commercial Surge Protectors, Advances In Surge Protection Products, Components, And The Abilities Of Commercial SupercapacitorsProvides Unique, Patented Techniques For Transient Protectors Based On SupercapacitorsIncludes Recent Advances In Surge ProtectionLinks Scattered Information From Within Academia And Industry With New Product Development Approaches On Surge Protection For End User Equipment

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