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Ozonation and Biodegradation in Environmental Engineering Ozonation And Biodegradation In Environmental Engineering Dynamic Neural Network Approach Gives A Unified Point Of View On The Application Of DNN To Estimate And Control The Application Of Ozonation And Biodegradation In Chemical And Environmental Engineering This Book Deals With Modelling And Control Design Of Chemical Processes Oriented To Environmental And Chemical Engineering Problems Elimination In Liquid, Solid And Gaseous Phases Are All Covered, Along With Processes Of Laboratory Scale That Are Evaluated With Software Sensors And Controllers Based On DNN Technique, Including The Removal Of Contaminants In Residual Water, Remediation Of Contaminated Soil, Purification Of Contaminated Air, AndThe Book Also Explores Combined Treatments Using Both Ozonation And Biodegradation To Test The Sensor And ControllerDefines A Novel Researching Trend In Environmental Engineering Processes That Deals With Incomplete Mathematical Model Description And Other Non Measurable Parameters And VariablesOffers Both Significant New Theoretical Challenges And An Examination Of Real World Problem SolvingHelps Students And Practitioners Learn And Inexpensively Implement DNN Using Commercially Available, PC Based Software Tools