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Ecosystem Consequences of Soil Warming Ecosystem Consequences Of Soil Warming Microbes, Vegetation, Fauna And Soil Biogeochemistry Focuses On Biotic And Biogeochemical Responses To Warmer Soils Including Plant And Microbial Evolution It Covers Various Field Settings, Such As Arctic Tundra Alpine Meadows Temperate, Tropical And Subalpine Forests Drylands And Grassland Ecosystems Information Integrates Multiple Natural Science Disciplines, Providing A Holistic, Integrative Approach That Will Help Readers Understand And Forecast Future Planetwide Responses To Soil Warming Students And Educators Will Find This Book Informative For Understanding Biotic And Biogeochemical Responses To Changing Climatic Conditions Scientists From A Wide Range Of Disciplines, Including Soil Scientists, Ecologists, Geneticists, As Well As Molecular, Evolutionary And Conservation Biologists, Will Find This Book A Valuable Resource In Understanding And Planning For Warmer Climate ConditionsEmphasizes Biological Components Of Soils, Plants And Microbes That Provide Linkages To Physics And ChemistryBrings Together Chapters Written By Global Scientific Experts With Interests In Communication And EducationIncludes Coverage Of Polar, Alpine, Tropical, Temperate And Dryland Ecosystems