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Basic Equations of Mass Transport Through a Membrane Layer Basic Equations Of Mass Transport Through A Membrane Layer, Second Edition,has Been Fully Updated To Deliver The Latest Research In The Field This Volume Covers The Essentials Of Compound Separation, Product Removal, Concentration, And Production In The Chemical, Biochemical, Pharmaceutical, And Food Industries It Outlines The Various Membrane Processes And Their Applications, Offering A Detailed Mathematical Description Of Mass Transport And Defining Basic Mass Transport And Concentration Distribution Expressions Additionally, This Book Discusses The Process Parameters And Application Of The Expressions Developed For A Variety Of Industrial Applications Comprehensive Explanations Of Convective Diffusive Mass Transport Are Provided, Both With And Without Polarization Layers, That Help Predict And Process Performance And Facilitate Improvements To Operation Conditions And Efficiency Basic Equations Of Mass Transport Through A Membrane Layer Is An Ideal Resource For Engineers And Technologists In The Chemical, Biochemical, And Pharmaceutical Industries, As Well As Researchers, Professors, And Students In These Areas At Both An Undergraduate And Graduate LevelCites And Analyzes Mass Transport Equations Developed For Different Membrane ProcessesExamines The Effect Of Biochemical Chemical Reactions In The Presence Of Convective And Diffusive Flows In Plane And Cylindrical SpacesDefines The Mass Transfer Rate For First And Zero Order Reactions And Analytical Approaches Are Given For Other Order Reactions In Closed Mathematical FormsAnalyzes The Simultaneous Convective And Diffusive Transports With Same Or Different Directions

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