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Deformation Based Processing of Materials PDF Epub Deformation Based Processing Of Materials By Heng Li Sioril.co.uk Deformation Based Processing Of Materials Behavior, Performance, Modeling And Control Focuses On Deformation Based Process Behaviors And Process Performance In Terms Of The Quality Of The Needed Shape, Geometries, And The Requested Properties Of The Deformed Products In Addition, Modelling And Simulation Is Covered To Create An In Depth And Epistemological Understanding Of The Process Other Topics Discussed Include Ways To Efficiently Reduce Or Avoid Defects And Effectively Improve The Quality Of Deformed Parts The Book Is Ideal As A Technical Document, But Also Serves As Scientific Literature For Engineers, Scientists, Academics, Research Students And Management Professionals Involved In Deformation Based Materials Processing.Covers Process Behaviors, Such As Non Uniform Deformation, Unstable Deformation, Material Flow Phenomena, And Process PerformanceIncludes Modelling And Simulation Of The Entire Deformation ProcessLooks At Control Of The Preferred Deformation, Undesirable Material Flow, Avoidance And Reduction Of Defects, And Improving The Dimensional Accuracy, Surface Quality And Microstructure Construction Of The Produced Products