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New Look to Phytomedicine Reading New Look To Phytomedicine Author Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan Sprinterenvy.com New Look To Phytomedicine Advancements In Herbal Products As Novel Drug Leads Is A Compilation Of In Depth Information On The Phytopharmaceuticals Used In Modern Medicine For The Cure And Management Of Difficult To Treat And Challenging Diseases Readers Will Find Cutting Edge Knowledge On The Use Of Plant Products With Scientific Validation, Along With Updates On Advanced Herbal Medicine In Pharmacokinetics And Drug Delivery This Authoritative Book Is A Comprehensive Collection Of Research Based, Scientific Validations Of Bioactivities Of Plant Products, Such As Anti Infective, Anti Diabetic, Anti Cancer, Immune Modulatory And Metabolic Disorders Presented By Experts From Across The Globe.Step By Step Information Is Presented On Chemistry, Bioactivity And The Functional Aspects Of Biologically Active Compounds In Addition, The Pharmacognosy Of Plant Products With Mechanistic Descriptions Of Their Actions, Including Pathogenicity Is Updated With Information On The Use Of Nanotechnology And Molecular Tools In Relation To Herbal Drug Research.Compiles Up To Date Information On The Chemotherapeutics Used In The Treatment Of Infective And Metabolic DisordersPresents Advancements In The Discovery Of New Drugs From Plants Using Molecular And Nanotechnology ToolsExamines Detailed Information On The Use Of Herbals Agents In Cancer, HIV And Other Ailments, Including Diabetes, Malaria And Neurological Disorders