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    The Remix Rocks Lindsey Pollak s new book The Remix absolutely delivers as it provides a swift kick in the butt and serves as a reminder that each generation yields many positives than negatives Each chapter is loaded with insightful, thought provoking and often humorous information that will motivate all leaders to take action IF continuous improvement is the goal The Remix is an accurate and refreshing reminder of the importance of leveraging the talents, skills and abilities each generation possesses to improve today s complex workplace Lindsey challenges leaders and managers to consider remixing or rethinking how we engage each of our employees we supervise The book provides easy to follow recommendations to consider during natural interactions as well as strategies to implement during key stages of employee on boarding and engagement The field of law enforcement and public safety is ripe for the information provided in The Remix Chief s and Sheriffs from around the country are engaged in a daily recruiting war for the best and brightest employees to serve an protect the communities where they live and work Mixing, managing and motivating all generations in a para military organization is no easy task Law enforcement leaders would benefit greatly from reading this book and sharing it with line supervisors who have significant influence and interaction with staff Lindsey is right on the money with the descriptions and characteristics of each generation but her analysis of the misperceptions of millennials in her book hits the bullseye The Remix exceeds expectations and is well worth the investment to maximize today s talent in the law enforcement workplace.The Remix is a book that can provide positive contributions to a wide variety of workspaces within our society Higher education, state government and corporate America are all impacted by the mixing of generations for research and profit Resources and information are important tool when trying to implement the best practices to manage and motivate all generations in the workplace and this book is a must have resource David Perry

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    The Remix is not just for leaders in roles that have words like Director, Manager, or any of those C Suite types I believe this book is really essential for ANYONE in any type of workplace across the nation Lindsey launches the reader at any level, in any industry into idea generation mode with even its first chapters She provides insightful facts and statistics that I actually think will be winning me points with my supervisors as well as so many wonderful examples of what is working and why it is working from varying viewpoints I couldn t help but scribble out ideas throughout every chapter that I want to consider and or implement in my daily work In addition to tremendous insights for how we respond to the diverse workforce we are a part of, I really enjoyed that Lindsey feels like a friend or colleague you ve known for years because of her writing style The Remix which I won t spoil the title for you, but I love the connection to the content provides a refreshingly unbiased description of what our multi generational workplace is facing In fact, it s worth mentioning that I was actually relieved in the way she forces you to shrug off stereotypes about other generations, even your own The book allows you to productively focus solely on fact and opportunity based on our strengths working together, and I am convinced we need this desperately rather than complaining about, ignoring, or disowning others My role requires I work with employers from across the nation, parents of college students, academics with fancy titles, community partners of volunteer agencies, college students entering or re entering the workforce, and my own colleagues the office down the hall I believe anyone from any of these groups needs this book to better be effective in each of our roles This book may become my go to birthday or thank you gifts to each Lindsey thinks of every aspect of how we need to get creative in our processes as a leader both formal and informal leaders If you want to stay relevant, READ.

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    The Remix is a book that should be owned by every CEO, line manager, coach, mentor, HR professional and employee navigating the current world of work Lindsey s previous books and brilliant TEDTalk was a great build up to this book Lindsey starts with essential context about the current world of work She then takes the reader through the various talent touchpoints from recruitment to training and eventually existing Each chapter provides useful tips on how to nature employees from the various generational groups Cover to cover, the book contains practical tips we can all relate to and use in our workspaces Her literature dovetails beautifully to current topics around the growth mindset and positive psychology The book contains stories from real managers grappling with the day to day challenges of managing a diverse workforce with lovely humorous do s and dont s to keep the reader entertained and hooked It also makes the book so much relatable I also enjoyed the key takeaways at the end of each chapter, summarising the main points If you love her TEDTalk as much as I do, you ll love how she incorporates some of those points and expands on it further in her book As someone who works in the graduate development space extensively, I have taken many tips from her book I also know that I must gift each of my clients a book because I know they will enjoy the gems as much as I did As a South African based business, I can say with confidence that the narrative provided in the book, applies to our SA market too.

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    Just a moment ago, I finished reading The Remix How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace Thank you, Lindsey, for writing such a deeply researched and incredibly relatable book As a human resource and employee benefits professional I was encouraged by Lindsey s message the secret sauce , the remix , is about recognizing what works yet embracing innovation The Remix helps us embrace that change by providing practical solutions on talent, communication, leadership, and culture while considering those solutions through each generational lens We re given permission to keep our core beliefs about working, yet persuaded to embrace change in order to be productive and efficient in an environment that allows everyone to succeed.Through mini case studies that have shown results and interviews with leaders of all industries, sizes and shareholder value, one realizes that we re all in this together Rather than speaking abstractly about the changing workforce, every chapter in The Remix provides solutions that are attainable and sustainable, making it a resource I ll be reaching for on a regular basis.Lastly, being of the same generation, I especially appreciated the personal anecdotes and reminders to a time when work was quite different I can see myself in Lindsey s shoes, which is ultimately the essence of this book To be better co workers and leaders, and for organizations to be successful, we need to understand each other, play to our strengths, providing lift and success.

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    The Remix is an enlightening, thoughtful, and practical guide for professionals at any level from any industry or generation navigating the workplace today Pollak clearly defines and demystifies the various generations that make our world a dynamic and challenging place to live and work As a Gen Xer, I, especially, appreciated reading that Xers are often thought of as the forgotten generation, as I have sometimes felt overshadowed by Boomers and Millennials I also enjoyed learning about the micro generations that exist alongside Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers, Millennials and Gen Z I now have greater compassion, understanding, and context for my friends, family, and colleagues that represent these various generations, while also feeling included as an Xer.The book is rich with examples of how various organizations and leaders, including Pollak, herself, have navigated the many facets of the workplace by remixing various organizational practices in order to be inclusive and adaptive to today s multigenerational workforce I like how each chapter ends with a summary of key takeaways that are tangible and actionable.The Remix is a must read for leaders at all levels, and for individuals invested in their own personal and professional growth.

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    I sincerely appreciate Lindsey s approach to this topic Not only is her voice an educated one on the topic, having truly engaged with individuals outside of her network to learn about their experiences, she also shares her own insights Connecting with you, the reader, so that you too reflect on your ability to remix The fact that it also functions as a guide to her call to action makes this book actionable a true tool for anyone who wants to be successful in multi generational, complex and exciting workplace environments I highlighted many tips and ideas for how to be a better teammate and leader as a result of Lindsey s efforts to write this book I highly recommend this book to anyone of any age, even those who are no longer in the workforce so that you can reflect back on your experience and become mentors to those who remain We spend so much of our lives at work Lindsey provides us with a framework for making the most of all of that time spent

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    Lindsey spoke at the company where I work recently and I thought she was an insightful and charismatic speaker So when I was offered an advanced copy of The Remix, I was super excited to read it Just like her prior work, Lindsey has an excellent view of both trends and future state of work and this book couldn t be timely, both for corporate America and for me I am in Talent Acquisition and a Gen Xer and I will admit to doing my share of grumbling about the millennial generation Add to that the fact that I am now in my early fifties and I m starting to feel the sting of ageism on a personal level and all of a sudden I realize that ageism goes both ways And not embracing the differences of the generations is not going to help you evolve, as a person or as a company If we look at this blending of five generations in the workplace at once, we should see alchemy, not discord As Lindsey aptly points out in this book, companies should use this difference in perspectives for a competitive advantage Diversity comes in many different flavors and Lindsey astutely shows how acceptance and celebrating the differences will improve our work experience and the bottom line This book gave me a different perspective and I find myself positive and energized in my role having read it.

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    This book breaks down generational walls and lays out a clear pathway for navigating today s workspace While reading, I had so many ah ha moments, times were I nodded my head, and even times when I chuckled As a millennial, I felt Lindsey really grasped the perspectives of millennials and narrated our ideals and desires succinctly But than that, she also helped me see other generations in a new light I gained a holistic outlook and appreciation for Baby Boomers, Gen Zers and all the other generations in between, and Lindsey does an excellent job of mapping out practical ways to work together for everyone to win at work Rule 8 in her book I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who leads a team or who wants to understand their manager, colleagues and senior leaders better This book would be helpful for millennials managing a multigenerational team Baby boomers who report to millennials Gen Zers who want to understand where they fit at work Entry level professionals who want to understand and successfully master the dynamics of today s workspace Baby boomers who want to better support their multigenerational direct reports CEOs and HR who want a greater understanding of how to create cultures that empower all generations The list goes on and on Get the book and a highlighter, you need both

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    Good leaders try to constantly build better, productive teams In this book, Lindsey gives insight to our potential recruits, current staff, and ourselves She even thought of the X ers thank you I typically feel like the middle child As a career services professional, a huge take away is tips on how we can help our recruitment partners make the connections on campus that will work best for them and our students Mutually beneficial relationships are what we strive for Lindsey s style isn t to shame any of the generations we continue to interact with, but to embrace their strengths for the benefit of productivity and success without judging what success means to each of us.Thanks for great tips, Lindsey Pollak

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    Thank you, Edelweiss , for the complementary advance review copy This was a fantastic non fiction book Pollak dives deep into the different generations and how they approach different issues in their life and job The Remix helped me better understand the various generations, in particular the Millennials I myself am have always considered myself a GenXer, but after reading this book, I found that Pollak is right one size does NOT fit all Here are some aspects worth noting regarding this book Pros Pollak uses real life examples from all types of industries to give ideas on how different leaders handle different issues within their organization and how one solution may not work for another The book includes the author s personal opinion without forcing it down the reader s throat The book is well structured and well written The author includes credible sources and research findings While the book is targeted at multigenerational workplaces, the ideas also work well in other spheres of life.Cons Actually, I cannot list a single thing I did not like about this book.

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The Remix A Wall Street Journal And Financial Times Book Of The Month.Millennials Have Become The Largest Generation In The U.S Workforce, And Generation Z Workers Are Right Behind Them Leaders And Organizations Must Embrace The New Ways Of Working That Appeal To The Digital First Generations, While Continuing To Appeal To Baby Boomers And Generation X, Who Will Likely Remain In The Workforce For Decades To Come.Within Any Organization, Team, Meeting, Or Marketing Opportunity, You Will Likely Find Any Combination Of Generations, Each With Their Own Attitudes, Expectations, And Professional Styles To Lead And Succeed In Business Today, You Must Adjust To How Millennials Work, Continue To Accommodate Experienced Colleagues And Pay Attention To The Next Generations Coming Up The Remix Shows You How To Adapt And Win Through Proven Strategies That Serve All Generations Needs The Result Is A Workplace That Blends The Best Of Each Generation S Ideas And Practices To Design A Smarter, Inclusive Work Environment For Everyone.As A Leading Expert On The Multigenerational Workplace, Lindsey Pollak Combines The Most Recent Data With Her Own Original Research, As Well As Detailed Case Studies From Fortune 500 Companies And Other Top Organizations Pollak Outlines The Ways Businesses, Executives, Mid Level Managers, Employees, And Entrepreneurs Can Tackle Situations That May Arise When Diverse Styles Clash And Provides Clear Strategies To Turn Generational Diversity Into Business Opportunity.Generational Change Is Impacting All Industries, All Types Of Organizations, And All Leaders The Remix Is An Essential Guide For Anyone Looking To Navigate Today S Multigenerational Workplace, Which Is Diverse And Varied Than Ever Before.

  • ebook
  • 304 pages
  • The Remix
  • Lindsey Pollak
  • 13 July 2019
  • 9780062880239

About the Author: Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey Pollak is a New York Times bestselling author, a keynote speaker, and one of the world s leading experts on Millennials and the multigenerational workplace She is the author of The Remix How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace Getting from College to Career Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World and Becoming the Boss New Rules for the Next Generat