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The Right It In This Accessible, Prescriptive, And Widely Applicable Manual, Google S First Engineering Director And Current Innovation Agitator Emeritus Provides Critical Advice For Rethinking How We Launch A New Idea, Product, Or Business, Insights To Help Successfully Beat The Law Of Market Failure That Most New Products Will Fail, Even If Competently Executed.Millions Of People Around The World Are Working To Introduce New Ideas Some Will Turn Out To Be Stunning Successes And Have A Major Impact On Our World And Our Culture The Next Google, The Next Polio Vaccine, The Next Harry Potter, The Next Red Cross, The Next Ford Mustang Others Successes Will Be Smaller And Personal, But No Less Meaningful A Restaurant That Becomes A Neighborhood Favorite, A Biography That Tells An Important Story, A Local Nonprofit That Cares For Abandoned Pets.Simultaneously, Other Groups Are Working Equally Hard To Develop New Ideas That, When Launched, Will Fail Some Will Fail Spectacularly And Publicly New Coke, The Movie John Carter, The Ford Edsel Others Failures Will Be Smaller And Private, But No Less Failure A Home Based Business That Never Takes Off, A Children S Book That Neither Publishers Nor Children Have Any Interest In, A Charity For A Cause Too Few People Care About.Most People Believe That Their Venture Will Be Successful But The Law Of Market Failure Tells Us That Up To 90 Percent Of Most New Products, Services, Businesses, And Initiatives Will Fail Soon After Launch Regardless Of How Promising They Sound, How Much We Commit To Them, Or How Well We Execute Them This Is A Hard Fact To Accept.Combining Detailed Case Studies With Personal Insight Drawn From His Time At Google, His Experience As An Entrepreneur And Consultant, And His Lectures At Stanford University And Google, Alberto Savoia Offers An Unparalleled Approach To Beating The Beast That Is Market Failure Make Sure You Are Building The Right It Before You Build It Right, He Advises In The Right It, He Provides Lessons On Creating Your Own Hard Data, A Strategy For Market Engagement, And An Introduction To The Concept Of A Pretotype Not A Prototype Groundbreaking, Entertaining, And Highly Practical, This Essential Guide Delivers A Proven Formula For Ensuring Ideas, Products, Services, And Businesses Succeed.

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    The author is an inspiration and the book provides some great rules of thumb But seeing how much I enjoyed Pretotype it, I kind of expected The examples are mostly non real life and the process itself does not exploit the full power of pretotyping, I believe Anyways, if you haven t read pretotype it, it might make sense to just read this one as it is the V2.0.

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    Highly recommend this book to anyone who has a business idea that involves significant risk Are you wondering will people buy this This book helps you find out.Instead of investing significant sums of money into a full product or even a prototype, the author advocates to make a pretotype to test on the market and collect fast and cheap feedback on if people buy it This should reduce risk on your way to fully developing your idea and answering will it be worth the investment Alberto Savoia succinctly outlines a practical approach including formulating your Market Engagement hypothesis, and the specific XYZ hypothesis, and finally the testable xyz hypothesis.I have already used this in practice, and I advise you to do the same don t miss The Right It Best regards,Mark A Jansen

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    Savoia pointed out that most business plans fail, even when executed perfectly The problem is, people do not know what they really want, so market research , asking people whether they would buy something, is useless Expert opinion often falls flat, and even innovative companies like Google has lots of flops Lots of efforts and money are spent making a product or service, only to fail miserably in the market We want to make the Right It , before making it right and marketing it right That is because we develop products in Thoughtland , or our imagination where success is guaranteed He suggests a radical approach to product or service development pretotyping It is a prototype of a prototype, and is not a real product Using this pretotype, you can gauge the real market response to it First, make a hypothesis X% of clients will pay Y to get Z Then offer the pretotype to real potential customers to see how many of them put down skin in the game , namely a deposit or at least a verifiable email address, or their time This will let you know whether it will sell or not 1 To see whether you should open an antique bookshop, rent a shop and put a sign on the door Then see how many people actually come in Do give them a small gift for the deception 2 To see whether a book will sell, give them some free chapters on a website and ask for a small deposit and email address Give them a small discount 3 To see whether people will pay to use a clothes folding machine, create a fake machine in the coin laundry shop with a human doing the actual work IBM had used this before to simulate speech to text technology to test it on users 4 List a product in a website which when clicked, jumped to a page to say that the actual product is not yet available He acknowledged that you can t do this in certain fields, such as medicine Note Theranos For everything else it is a great technique Actually many products and services come out from serendipitous beginnings Virgin Airlines happened because Richard Branson s flight got cancelled he chartered a flight and used a blackboard to get his first customers Lots of best sellers are based on an already successful TED talk or column in a newspaper or magazine Air BB of course started when its founders sold their air mattress bed and breakfast on Craigslist Many shows try one season to see whether it will be a hit You may find that the pretotype is a failure that however beats wasting months or years of your time and then finding out the actual product is a failure The only weakness, I think, is that the examples he gave in his book are all thought experiments, so we won t know whether this method would actually work Also it is not ethical for certain fields like medicine Finally, some literary works such as Harry Potter or Moby Dick, need to be presented whole to the publisher I am not sure whether a few chapters can ever represent the whole book and whether a lot of potential great works will be lost because the pretotype is not appealing Nonetheless, this is certainly one of the best business books I have ever read

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    This book is narrowly focused on finding the best possible ideas for starting a business, based on whether the market will accept the underlying premise of the business The intent is to collect good, solid data within a short period of time and at low cost, so that you can quickly explore an idea and decide whether to proceed The concepts discussed are truly excellent, and show how to research new ideas at minimal cost, both in terms of money and time A really indispensable book for anyone getting ready to start up a new business.

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    Great book if you have an idea that you want to validate on the cheap and quick He gives you actual step by step tests you can run to see if you idea is the right it before you quit your job and buy that expensive equipment.

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    Factual, practical, logical Very actionable and easy to do steps that will be critical for starting any idea or product Also learned a few important market principles.

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    The Right It, is arguable the most important book for Product Managers to read to understand how to test and validate their ideas before building them using real code.The content is so compelling that once I finished the book, I immediately read it again Organizations could take immense lessons on how to quickly and cheaply understand if ideas will work before investing hundreds of thousands in them Absolutely required reading for entrepreneurs and Product Managers.

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