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Very Engaging A Pair Of Playful And Romantic Twin Guidebooks Created Specially For Couples To Help Them Talk About The Difficult Yet Important Issues That Will Affect Their Relationship And Their Future.Whether Getting Married Or Cohabitating, Committed Couples Face Important Questions About Money, Work, Children, Household Chores, Sex, And A Host Of Other Issues That Will Shape Their Lives Together But The Conversations Around These Big Questions Can Be Difficult, Making Them Easy To Avoid.How Will You Split Your Money What Kind Of Family Do You Envision Having Do You Want Kids And How Many Where Do Spend The Holidays Where Do You Want To Live City Or Suburb House Or Apartment And What About Sex Charly Ligety And Les Stark Want To Make It Easier For Couples To Talk To Each Other About Intimidating Topics With Love And Confidence They Spoke In Depth With Marriage And Family Therapists And Interviewed Dozens Of Dating, Engaged, And Recently Married Couples From Around The Country Everything They Learned As Well As The Insights They Ve Gained From Their Own Relationships With Their Wives Is Inside This Warm And Important Guide.A Pair Of Lighthearted Conversation Handbooks One For You, One For Your Partner Very Engaging Prepares You To Go There Divided Into A Dozen Chapters Covering Critical Topics Such As Values, Squabbles, Family, Religion, Living Together, And Everything In Between, Very Engaging Includes A Series Of Fun, Interactive Conversation Prompts To Get You And Your Partner Talking And Bring You Closer Together Charly And Les Create A Comfortable, Fun Environment In Which You And Your Significant Other Can Learn About One Another To Help You Both Navigate Some Of Life S Most Significant And Not So Significant Discussions With Humor And Confidence.Partners Play Through Their Own Individual Books Simultaneously, Turning The Pages Together Each Page Is Carefully Designed To Create A Constructive, Lively, And Thoughtful Discussion On The Topic At Hand A Relationship Performance Enhancer, Very Engaging Is A Journey Of Personal Discovery Perfect For Dating, Engaged, Or Married Couples Looking To Tackle The Hard Stuff In An Easy And Approachable Way.