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  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Do Design
  • Alan Moore
  • English
  • 01 March 2017
  • 9781452174976

10 thoughts on “Do Design

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    I m sure I agreed with the general ideas presented here but something about the generalised sweeping statements didn t quite wash with me and I left the book in another continent so now can t even go back and look at the details of why I d probably still pick it up again when I next go to my parents house though Oh and of the people referenced designers, writers, thinkers et al only two were female an...

  2. says:

    Extremely relevant for me It was beautiful revelation.

  3. says:

    Light weight reading.

  4. says:

    Nothing special, motivational book that shows that design and beauty is everywhere In Coca Cola or whatever it will be called company that is creating a product.

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    For a light read on the topic of design, this is a good book The ideas are split up into very short often less than a page sections, allowing for low commitment reading at any time.However because the ideas are presented in such few words, they cannot be properly elaborated upon, and only gives room to begin thinking upon such difficult principles such as the nature of beauty and the inters...

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    In parts erudite commentary on the soul of design and craftsmanship, in others obtuse, self serving and self congratulating The main thing to dislike however is just how gosh darn male the whole thing is Every visionary deserving of a mention, wh...

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    This was a great, short read on why design matters, and how it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, ethical and functional to be truly good design It talked about design not just in chairs and tables, but al...

  8. says:

    I enjoyed this much than I expected.

  9. says:

    Beaucoup de blabla s apparentant de la philosophie de comptoir Seulement quelques pages int ressantes sur une centaine Ce livre sur le design n est pour moi pas incontournable.

  10. says:

    A quick read packed with insight and meaning I love how the author connects how beauty and purpose drives us to our higher purpose.

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Do Design Ebook Do Design Author Alan Moore Freeboooks.com In Do Design, Artist, Designer, And Entrepreneur Alan Moore Delivers Wisdom On How Good Design Can Transform Our Lives Whether It S A Carefully Constructed Table, Innovative Typography, Or A Thoughtfully Engineered Device Here Are Entries On The Power Of Curiosity, The Importance Of Considering Function And Purpose, And Practices To Create Enduring Beauty Featuring Inspiring Examples From Architecture, Fine Art, Tech, Motorcycle Design, And , This Book Is A Stirring Exploration Of Beauty And An Invaluable Handbook For Anyone Interested In Design.

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