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The Power of Small Feeling Overwhelmed This Is The Book For You At Last A Book That Shows You Realistically How To Transform Your Life, One Small Step At A Time Russ Harris, Author Of International Bestseller The Happiness TrapRather Than Waiting For The Big Life Changing Moments, Which Often Than Not Don T Happen, The Power Of Small Shows You How To Take Manageable Steps As Opportunities To Change Your Life, One Decision At A Time Emphasising Self Compassion As A Means To Gently Expand Your Comfort Zone And Open Up New Horizons.Mixing Case Studies From Clinical Practice With The Latest Psychological Research, The Authors Also Share Personal Stories, Having Worked First Hand With These Techniques On Their Own Journeys Towards Improved Mental And Emotional Wellbeing.From Understanding And Learning To Observe Without Judgement The Traps Our Minds Set, To Breaking Our Of Our Comfort Zones, The Power Of Small Technique Is All About What Is Manageable In The Now, And Teaches Us How To Prioritise And Know What Boundaries To Keep, And Which To Gently Push.If Your Mind Tells You That Certain Life Changes Are Unattainable, Undeserved, Or Too Hot To Handle, This Simple And Effective Book Is The One For You.

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    If this is the first book of psychology you have ever read, you might like it If you have ever read something on similar topic before, you will likely be disappointed The book is vague, full of random personal examples and doesn t carry much significance I didn t find a single suggestion I could use in my own life.

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    A fantastic book with lots of little knowledge nuggets in it I have found working on my small steps diary while reading this book really helpful as I continue to fill it in.

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    As it says on the back of the Power of Small book if you are feeling overwhelmed then this book is for you.This book is simply universal It might be of great help for everyone, because even if you think you have it all and you are having a great life, there is always something that can be improved.Forget about changing your life drastically overnight, it takes time, strong will and patience Aisling and Trish are both psychologists and they are providing useful tips from their practice to us to help us achieve our goals and assure as that, step by step we can change and get rid of our old habits visions.In The Power of Small you can find the latest psychological research which I find interesting and many personal stories that show us we all have our downsides in life and we all struggle with different areas in our life Nothing is ever as perfect and glamorous as what people share on their social media Being able to read about others people stories helps us to understand the journey we have to take to improve the quality of the life we have.The Power of Small is about making small steps, tiny changes in our routine, that s the only way we can achieve results that will last in the future New Year New Me isn t working for us, every day we have to take a step or two to get close to the life we want to have but we cannot expect that we will wake the next day and we will be someone else, it takes time and perseverance.Aisling and Trish have simply created a guide for these days in our life, when as it says in the tagline of the book When Everything Feels Too Much They even might help you find your inner core values that sometimes stay hidden from us All you have to do is to take a journal, a pen and follow their advice.More Book Reviews on www.bookaholic.ie

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    The best, most useful self help style book I have read, and I ve read a lot This book is laid out in short, manageable chapters each with practical information and case studies, and end with a short small step exercise where you can apply the learnings to your own situation The authors have written it in a clear, understandable manner and use their own experiences as examples at times this made the book very relatable and real , compared to those there are many who have written from an academic standpoint and don t get it from a personal point of view I finished the book a while ago, however I have found myself going back to the book whenever I need a boost, to do a random chapter and refresh my memory with the small step exercise The way the book is laid out is very useful particularly for those with busy lives you don t have to sit down for an hour to get through a section, you can integrate it into your day by spending a few minutes at a time going chapter by chapter I would highly recommend this book Whether it is your 1st or your 100th, you will get something useful out of it and hopefully, like me, find that it helps to get you unstuck.

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    The Power of Small helps you break down your large issues in life into small manageable steps The majority of chapters are short allowing you to take in teh information instead of giving you too much information at one time This is just one technique the authors use to help you make changes a small step at a time The chapters aren t sparse including examples of the activities in each chapter so you can see how the activities can make a difference in real life If you are looking for change but large steps scare you, The Power of Small will help you tackle your fear and get ou started small step by small step.I received an ARC for review all opinions are my own.

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    I received a free e ARC of this book from Netgalley.First of all, this is not a book to rush through Although these 30 some steps are labeled tiny, you really need to be thoughtful with putting each one into practice I really thought it was nicely laid out with telling the reader about the step, giving practical advice on how to implement the step and giving an exercise to practice the step Interspersed throughout the steps are real life examples of people who need to put the steps into practice which made it much interesting to read.

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    Loved the little strategies in this book Especially the toward and away moves instead of labelling them as good bad And my favourite quote that stuck with me was short term pain, long term gain Asking myself this before every decision I make has really helped Only thing about this book was that it s a bit repetitive at the beginning in terms of explaining what the book is about, other than that it was very enjoyable to read

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    This book has lots of case studies and exercises to help make tiny, manageable steps towards your goal Several of the techniques resonated with me and will be going in my toolkit.

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    This book has lots of case studies and exercises to help make tiny, manageable steps towards your goal Several of the techniques resonated with me and will be going in my toolkit.