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Sleep and ADHD Sleep And ADHD Begins With An Overview Of Sleep Normal Sleep, Sleep Cues, Developmental Phases, Etc And Continues With The Epidemiology Of ADHD And Sleep Problems, Including Medical Issues E.g Sleep Apnea , Parasomnias, Behavioral Insomnias I.e Limit Setting, Sleep Onset Association Disorders, Circadian Rhythm Disorders And Anxiety Related Insomnia It Then Covers The Etiology Of Sleep Problems, Including The Role Of Sleep Hygiene And Habits, The Developing Child, And The Role Of Stimulants And Medications Used In The Management Of ADHD Sleep Problems As The First Book Of Its Kind, Users Will Find This Reference An Invaluable Addition To The Literature On ADHD.Covers Both The Pharmacological And Non Pharmacological Management Of Sleep ProblemsAddresses Sleep Issues In Younger Children, But Also Addresses Adolescents And AdultsDiscusses The Impact Of Sleep Problems On The Family As Well As The Child With ADHDReviews The Evidence Around The Neurobiology Of Sleep And Systems Regulating Sleep In ADHD