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Nucleation of Water Nucleation Of Water Provides A Comprehensive Account Of The State Of The Art Understanding Of Nucleation Of Water It Covers Vapor Liquid, Liquid Vapor, Liquid Ice, And Vapor Ice Transitions, And Describes The Basic Kinetic And Thermodynamic Concepts In A Manner Understandable To Researchers Working On Specific Applications The Main Focus Of The Book Is In Atmospheric Phenomena, But It Also Describes Many Engineering And Biological Applications Bubble Nucleation, Although Not Of Major Atmospheric Relevance, Is Included For Completeness Nucleation Of Water Creates A Single Resource To Understand The Breadth And Depth Of Nucleation Both In Theory And In Real World Examples.Offers A Single, Comprehensive Work On Water Nucleation, Including Cutting Edge Research On Ice, Cloud And Bubble NucleationWritten Primarily For Atmospheric Scientists, But Presents The Theories In Such A Way That Researchers In Other Disciplines Whose Work Involves Water Nucleation Will Find It UsefulWritten By One Of The World S Foremost Experts On Ice Nucleation