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Too Many Holidays? This Year, Sharie S Mother Wants Their Family To Celebrate Kwanzaa And She Has To Work On A Project With Caitlin, Who Insists On Studying Her Family S Greek Christmas Hannah, Sharie S Best Friend, Invites Her Over For Hanukkah All Sharie Wants Is To Celebrate Christmas, Just Like She S Always Done But Her Holidays Are Being Ruined And Fast Will Sharie Find A Way For Everyone Including Herself To Have A Merry Season

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    I liked this book because you could learn about holidays,friendship and,culture.I felt sorry for Caitlin because she is rich and because of that she doesn t see her parents because they have work.The genre of this book is relistic fiction because the things that happened in this book could happen in real life but it didn t happen.I understood being rich is good and bad.Being rich is good because you get whatever you want.Being rich is bad because you don t fit in with kids who aren t rich and you might not not see your parents often because they might be doing a show.

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    This was a cute story about a little girl whose life changes drastically Her father is in the navy and they transferred to a new city, her mother is having a new baby, her teacher assigns her to a group project about holidays, and her family decide to add kwanzaa to their holiday traditions Sharie feels like she can t do anything right no matter how hard she tries This book would appeal to my students because they often feel like the world is stacked against them Sharie rises to the challenge, gets her project done, survives the holidays, and makes a new friend in the process This is a great story for kids who feel like they are always in the wrong to show them that sometimes things turn out just fine.

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