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The Sacrifice Set In Melbourne In The Shadow Of World War II, This Graphic Novel, The First Of The Robert Wells Trilogy, Deals With War, Ideals, Family, And Love As The World Spins Out Of Control Into World War II, Robert And His Family Wrestle With The Challenges It Presents Robert Offers His Apartment To German Jewish Refugees, Artie Intends To Join Up As Soon As The Fighting Breaks Out, Their Mother Despairs That Another War Will Lead To Death In Her Family, And Robert S Communist Sweetheart Elsa Answers The Call Of Capitalism When Robert Befriends Mata, The Precocious Young Refugee With A Yen For Men In Uniform, It Is Only The Beginning Of His Soul Searching Journey With An Uncertain Ending This Graphic Novel Draws Compelling Parallels Between Australia Then And Now, And Explores Questions Of Courage, Masculinity, Tolerance, And National Identity That Will Resonate Long After The Book Is Read.

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    I don t know about you but Australia s Second World War years are obscured in my mind by a melange of family reminiscences and ab hoc snippets of history.

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    Well, firstly it s so nice to read an ambitious graphic novel set in Australia I liked the drawing style, but I was reminded of Jason Lutes Berlin series throughout The first third of this was a bit of a slog because it felt like a whole lot of talking heads debating the various political ideologies extant just before the start of WW2 A lot of exposition But it becomes of a story as it travels forward still, the pace is a little bit slow It also it took a while for my cultural cringe to adjust to some of the mid century idiomatic dialogue Use of that kind of language feels a bit cliched these days, but that doesn t change the fact that it was spoken I m glad someone s having a go at using it Also captures nicely what Melbourne might have been like back then, the drawings of the city are quite lovely and neat But the whole thing is a bit cold, or flattish it might be the characters They don t sing, particularly But in a way that kind of represents the somewhat dour, self denying and decidedly un cosmopolitan vibe of pre war Australia I m deciding if I ll chase up the next episodes.

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    The graphic novel was an interesting one to read I found the story being set in 1940s Melbourne a familiar setting but also unfamiliar at the same time The story is about a white collar worker in Melbourne going through life just as world war two is about to start He encounters many incidences such as befriending an immigrant, German family and trying to help them settle in Melbourne as much as possible However, it becomes and and difficult as the family starts to distrust his intentions and the young daughter he had always taken care of soon enters adolescence The main character is a pacifist and is against enlisting but when his brother is sent off to the war the main character comes into conflict with himself morally, spiritually and philosophically Eventually, he learns that he has to make one of the toughest decisions he has ever made in his life should he fight, or should he not fight This book explores many themes such as adolescence, war, patriotism, religion, prejudice and morality The book also delves into some politics as while some characters support or sympathise with the ideology communism, others are seen strongly opposing it.

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    Absorbing and detailed evocation of WW2 era Australia and a man s struggle with the conflicting demands of his conscience and the expectations of family, friends and broader society Mutard is an accomplished visual storyteller, and so it s a shame that he felt compelled to include page after page of dense, dialogue heavy scenes, which I found a little wearing after a while The reader will need to be patient if they want to make it to the highlight of the book a tension filled walk through the pitch black streets of Melbourne after curfew, a shadow city peopled by criminals and prostitutes and US soldiers.

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    Pre war Melbourne and the many sides of volunteering to fight.

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    If you re really good at something, stick to it So, so glad Bruce Mutard didn t listen to anyone who said don t even try to get a graphic novel published in Australia.

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    This is a fantastic book promises to become even better as it s joined by a second and third volume The art and the story are a perfect match very impressed.

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