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    Way too slow and I just could not finish it.

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    Clearly a follow up in a series I find the title misleading, it indicates a particular story line or fairy tale setting which it doesn t live up to.

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    This is the third book in a series that are all loosely tied together by a villain called Batiste, his search for the Pharoah s Lost Jewel and those that oppose him Kind of I haven t yet read the first book, Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss but I do that it features Jack s older brother Charles finding love, so it gets to be included The Jack of An Improper Aristocrat and the Jack here are two different fellows At least, Jack shows two or three different sides of himself throughout the course of the novel and really I m not certain which side I preferred There s the charming, enthusiastic Jack who was so excited to show off his knowledge of history and ancient civilizations Aloof, distant Jack afraid to become too close to people because affection hurts and only leads to pain Then there s the Jack that is both when he s with Lily She undoes him, in so many ways, and he doesn t know whether he hates it or if its a good thing.Lily is almost as complex A childhood of innocent pranks and adventures didn t prepare her for the staid, strict existence of adulthood after her father died Used to having a parent who adored her unconditionally, she was at a loss as to regain that support in her reserved and disproving mother Her small rebellions reading frivolous novels, enjoying the sun on her face spoke a lot of how much she wanted to keep her mother happy The end I think rushed their reconciliation not that they fought, exactly, but circumstances changed for them both and I was hoping to see if her mother s views changed Marlowe hints at it, in the epilogue, but I would have liked a scene for it.Together they bait each other incessantly Lily teases and taunts him to come out of his shell and Jack plays devil s advocate a few times to manipulate the situation in his favor Or what he hopes will be in his favor Even though most of the novel is spent in Jack trying to determine whether Lily will help him find Matthew Beecham his tie to Batiste , Jack forgets this often because Lily does something Laughs, or smiles or nibbles on her lower lip, he often has to remind himself of the end goal.I do think that Lily was a little too overdone in her anger towards Jack, when she finds out He makes a very good point that she was being hypocritical Jackhe finally decides on a path, a path that leads to him and Lily being happy, and flip flops I was ready to smack him with a frying pan for it.Its a Happily Ever After ending however for all concerned and ties up many of the loose ends from the previous book s I certainly was happy by the end of it

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    This was the book that drew me to my favourite character Jack He is indeed an amazing character and he is so great that it took no one but lily to remove his inner wall of pain.Lilly is a character that I love alot, because I was able to see how quickly she became like a snow queen in the middle of the street The expression of shock that appeared on her face was indeed priceless and when I was reading this scene, it immediately became so vivid in my mind Plus the arrival of Lily s brother was indeed a shocker, finding out what he is up to and ofcourse reedeeming himself which made me very happy.Above all I admire that Jack completed his unfinshed buisness with Batiste it had to be done and I was grinning massive when he died.If you love historical romance, you ll love this book

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    loosely linked to Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss and An Improper Aristrocrat Regency MB Aug 2008Miss Lilly has helped her mother for years stifling her true personality in the process But when her mother goes on a trip leaving her with friends, she finally gets to see what she has been missing She charms society except for Jack Alden Or so she thought His kisses are burning hot and she wants but does he At the end of the season, she will go back to her dowdy gowns and books, unless he saves her from a future full of nothing but good behavior Now here are a couple of characters that were a real pleasure to get to know I really enjoyed this book and have already recommended it to several of my friends.

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    Having bought this book for my teenage daughter, I was sorely disappointed I expect Harlequin Historicals to be modest than this one was It was lacking were the euphemisms for sex and genitalia, which I found to be disappointing It s not really appropriate for a teen just adventuring into the realm of romance novels.Additionally, I found this book to be a very dry read While the premise was good, the author failed to deliver I guess the Word Muse escaped her Follow that with some poor grammatical editing and there you have it A storyline with potential that fails to deliver.

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    This historical romance was an entertaining story and I really liked the heroine, but her love interest was not very appealing Jack supposedly is a recluse who hides his bad childhood behind his studies, yet he is also a charming sort of rake How can he be both Despite this discrepancy and a few smaller ones in the story, it manages to keep you turning the pages til the happily ever after ending.

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    This is an enjoyable book Jack was a third son and his father considered him worthless because he was interested in antiquities that estate management Lilly was the only child of a woman who had dedicated her life to worthy causes and expected Lilly to do the same They were an interesting pair and their road to HEA was paved with Lilly s good intentions and Jack s fear of rejection.

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    Boring, trite and predictable, though I did like the bit about the Evangelical missions I liked Jack as a hero too, though Lillian just annoyed me She was too perfect, always was right and I just wanted to slap her.

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    Predictable and slightly boring good idea just not presented right Too long and too many unneeded other characters And if honest, the title doesn t really suit either Her writing isn t bad, haven t lost faith.

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Her Cinderella Season She S Been Taught That Pleasure Is SinfulNow Miss Lily Beecham Is Determined To Find Out For Herself A Chance Meeting With A Viscountess, And Lily Is Invited To The Ball Freed From Dowdy Gowns And Worthy Reading, Lily Charms Society Except For The Cold, Aloof And Wildly Handsome Mr Jack AldenLily Soon Learns That Jack S Cold Demeanor Is Belied By The Warmth Of His Kiss But At The End Of The Season She Must Return To Bleak Normality Unless Wicked Mr Alden Can Save Her From A Future Of Good Behavior

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Her Cinderella Season
  • Deb Marlowe
  • English
  • 14 September 2019
  • 9780373295654

About the Author: Deb Marlowe

USA Today Bestseller Deb Marlowe loves History, England and Men in Boots Clearly she was destined to write Historical Romance A Golden Heart winner and Rita Finalist, Deb grew up in Pennsylvania with her nose in a book Luckily, she d read enough romances to recognize the true modern hero she met at a college Halloween party even though he wore a tuxedo T shirt instead of breeches and tall boots