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Wrong Number, Right Man After Too Much Wine, Lori Duncan Calls Her Ex And Initiates Phone Sex To Prove Him Wrong She S Not Boring And Predictable Jack Hartwell Answers His Roommate S Phone And Goes Along With His Sexy Next Door Neighbor S Game Until He Realizes Her Fantasy Includes Him And Not His Roommate Was Her Slip Of Tongue Intentional Or Just Part Of The Game

10 thoughts on “Wrong Number, Right Man

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    BORING BORING I forced myself to finish reading this book I know the saying you get what you pay for but I ve read 1.99 books that were way exciting then this one I love a good sex scene but this one dragged on for over half the book No character development at all no chemistry between the two leads hardly any back story I m not asking for their life story but give me something save your money, spend it on another author obviously the other reviews were friends of the author.

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    This was a very sexy short story The author did a great job in painting the characters and their feelings for each other so well in such a short amount of pages I liked shy Lori and self confident Jack They were a perfect fit.

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    This is a sweet little HOT romance Very good

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    Can best friends be lovers Wrong Number, Right Man proves they can Great read.

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    I love a man who talks dirty

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    Clever, HOT, sexywhat could you want from an erotic romance Darah Lace delivers time after time

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    I liked this, thought it was a really interesting idea I loved the sexual tension between hero and heroine but it just ended too abruptly

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