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The Black Donnellys: The Outrageous Tale of Canada's Deadliest Feud Johannah Trained Her Sons To Fight Dirty A Knee To The Groin, A Thumb To An Eye, All Was Fair As Long As A Donnelly Prevailed Hit First, Talk Later, She Told Her Boys This Book Will Be Especially Fascinating For All Readers Interested In Crime Biography The Gruesome Saga Of The Black Donnellys Has Been Heavily Mythologized A Thick Layer Of Rumour, Legend, And Hearsay Has Built Up Around The Facts Of The Case But One Thing Is Clear No One Who Reads This Book Will Ever Forget The Murderous Events That Occurred Near The Town Of Lucan, Ontario In The 1870s.

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    Very very interesting story Can t believe this happened here In Canada Not far from me, back in the old days Love reading old true crime stories like this Definitely will be reading stories about the black Donnellys

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    I guess I was hoping for something a little complete It was interesting but still a lot of stuff was left to mystery, as I guess it really is I might have liked to have seen a bit about the Donnellys themselves It still seems to me that the definitive book on this story is yet to be written.

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    Growing up in small town Ontario, this story was one we read in elementary school Re reading it now was even creepy than I remembered The legend of this rural Ontario family is somewhat unknown in other areas of Canada and certainly w...

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    I have always been interested in the Donnelly story because they were in lucan Ontario and my aunt and uncle lived up there and he told me the story when I was young since then I have read everything I can find on them and also been there 3 times to where the old homestead was and st.patricks church on conce...

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    Ah, frontier justice.I was aware of the story of the Donnellys and while this book did not offer any new information for me, it was still a good read.

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    Synopsis the gruesome feud of the Black Donnellys in the 1870s 80s near Lucan, Ontario Murder is at the heart of rumour, legend, and hearsay.

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    It was a good quick read however it was not as engaging as other Donnelly books I have read.

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    The Black Donnellys was written by Nate Hendley It was published on May 4, 2004 by Amazing Stories I really enjoyed this book because it was about a family who move to Canada for a better life and didn t have the life they expected they would have in Canada I think Nate Hendley really focused on getting the right information about the Black Donnellys, making it a interesting book to read Nate Hendley did a really good job researching the true history of the Black Donnellys When Nate Hendley couldn t find out what exactly happened to the Black Donnelly during certain parts of their life the author would explain that there were many different opinions on what happened and included the rumour that most people believed Nonfiction writers will uses rumors when part of the story has no true fact because everyone has a different opinions on what happened While reading the book it didn t feel like I was reading a biography I felt like I was reading a fiction story I like this because I was able to picture the story in my mind making it come to life, instead of feeling like I was reading a bunch of facts on the family s life Some of the Donnelly children were not a huge part of the story, for example Jenny Jenny ...

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    The Donnelly family moved from Ireland to Ontario in the 1840s One of the first things James and Johannah did was claim some land that belonged to someone else and built their new home Over time they d have 7 sons and one daughter James and Johannah, as well as the majority of their sons, were quick to fistfight, and even seemed to enjoy it After years of small crimes, arson, mutilated poisoned animals, and even murder and after many of the Donnelly family had done time in prison, the local population were fed up and formed a secret vigilance society to enact revenge against the Donnellys Five of the Donnelly family would eventually be savagely murdered in their homes There are lots of rumors about the Donnellys and many crimes in the area at the time the family lived there were erroneously attributed to them Many of the crimes were committed by them as well This book is simple and ...

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    growing up in london, ontario, we all heard the stories of the Donnolly clan from lucan, just minutes north of us anyone you meet with the last name, even if it was a different spelling, were always quick to say, no relation to the black donnollys when asked.this book really gives you an amazing look into james and johanna donnolly s struggle to leave ireland and start a new life in canada during the mid 1800 s i can t imagine moving across the atlantic to a country you know little ...

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