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Ontwerpen aan de Stad (1905-1950) Read Ontwerpen Aan De Stad 1905 1950 Pauline K.M Van Roosmalen Terrapin Info.co.uk This Book Describes The Development And Professionalization Of Dutch Indian Indische Town Planning Between 1905 1951 It Simultaneously Portrays The Modernisation Of The Dutch East Indies And The Emergence Of Modern Day Indonesia.The Basic Material For This Study Is Very Diverse It Ranges From Contemporary Journals, Literature And Novels To Minutes Of Meetings, From Newspapers And Private Notes To Interviews With Architects And Their Relatives Photographs, Films, Maps And Of Course The Town Plans Themselves Provide Important Information As Well Quoted Partially From The Summary

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    buku yang pantas dipujikan.dengan data yang berlimpah, buku ini memaparkan proses terbentuknya profesi urban planning di indonesia di masa penjajahan dan sesudahnya jadi, ini adalah sejarah ide, sejarah dari suatu pengertian, bukan sejarah benda benda.tidak banyak hal baru darinya, namun deskripsinya yang lebih ru...

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