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New Spiritual Answers to Lifes Big Questions Do You Want Meaningful, Inspirational Answers To Important Questions About God, The Universe, And The Meaning Of Life Are You An Open Minded, Spiritual Seeker Who Is Willing To Look Outside The Boundaries Of Traditional Religions Then You Ll Want To Know About New Spirituality It S Not A New Religion Or Organization It S A New Worldview Based On Love, Tolerance, Compassion, And Freedom It S Based On The Writings Of People Such As Neale Donald Walsch, Author Of The Conversations With God Books, But It Also Draws On Sources Ranging From Ancient Mysticism To Contemporary Science.This Book Serves As An Introduction To New Spirituality For People Who Are Ready To Embark On A Spiritual Journey In A Question And Answer Format, It Discusses Important Issues In A Clear, Inspirational, And Practical Way That Will Help You Cultivate Inner Peace And Happier Relationships In Your Daily Life.You Ll Find Out What New Spirituality Has To Say About Topics Such As Love, Karma, Suffering, And The Future Of Humanity You Ll Also Learn About Reincarnation, Co Creation, Intuition, And Healing And Above All, You Ll Acquire A Compassionate And Empowering Basis For Finding Your Own Way To Enlightenment.

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