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Cosmic Weather Report On A Planet Facing Environmental And Geopolitical Catastrophes On Every Continent, The Idea That Human Beings Need To Evolve Or Die Is Gaining Currency On An Almost Daily Basis Cosmic Weather Report Tackles The Personal And Collective Obstacles To World Transformation Head On, Inspiring Readers To Rethink The Whole Purpose Of Humankind, And Change Their Lives And The Course Of The Planet S Future From WithinIn This Book, Eminent Astrologers Mark Borax And Ellias Lonsdale Pool Their Talents To Explore What We Are Emerging From The Age We Need To Leave Behind And What We Are Approaching The Age We Re On The Verge Of Creating Readers Are Encouraged To See How The Greatest Difficulties Can Be Seized For Optimal Growth While Cosmic Weather Report Is Not An Astrology Book Per Se, It Uses Astrological Concepts, Which Can Also Be Read As Metaphors To Convey The Universal Scale Of The Transformations Taking Place Preserving The Lecture Format And Question And Answer Dialogue Of Lonsdale And Borax S Famed Mystery School, The Authors Usher Readers Into An Exciting Classroom Of Evolution In Which Students Get To Quiz The Teachers

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    Sometimes hard to follow, but if you allow yourself to just go with the flow, some amazing shifts take place I was fortunate enough to read it along with my druid partner who has a lot of experience in various spiritual groups such as Eckankar, etc., and who could interpret some of the different references for me.Mark Borax and especially Ellias Lonsdale are amazing and gifted people.