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The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook Is Everything That Goes On In Your Mind Really You Perhaps Not, Says Australian Psychic Researcher Robert Bruce Drawing On Than Two Decades Of Firsthand Research And Experience, Bruce Reports That Our Minds Are Subject To Influences From Many Unseen Spiritual Sources Some Of These Can Influence How We Think, Feel, Act, And Even How Our Bodies Function They Can Make Us Unhappy, Irritable, Confused, Sick, Unstable, Even Crazy This Is Why We Need Practical Tools And Countermeasures For Psychic Self Defense, All Of Which Bruce Provides This Is The Ultimate Guide To Combating The Influences Of Earthbound Spirits, Deranged Ghosts, Astral Snakes And Spiders, Demonic Spirits, And Poltergeists This Is A Highly Anecdotal And Comprehensive Practical Guide To The Dark Side Of The Psychic Universe

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    Best book on psychic self defense, covering mostly a very specific aspect acute attack, and not by witch or psychic, but caused by either astral wildlife or involuntary effect made by unsuspecting humans Sounds rather like exorcist s, ghost buster s and paranormal investigator handbook on how to stop negativity affecting your life than how to protect yourself from black magic curses, recent or generational, and or psychical vampires.It has materialistic and very realistic approach crossing running water, salt bath, deep grounding, strong magnets, strong noise, light and smell for now, and educate yourself later, when the bases are covered.Some psychology on defusing situation if it was caused by interactions with others.This book provides excellent techniques for removing repeated, circling, obsessive negative thoughts by stating your choice not to have them, replacing them with happy and positive images, again and again, until they left, and using uplifting music as a distracting background.Occult things, like penetration of the aura by negatives, their ...

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    It is very rare that I dislike a book enough to give it a really bad review, but wow Just no The author and myself apparently operate on completely different frequencies or something What a steaming pile of electric violet colored unicorn excrement.

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    If you want to read book on this subject then this is the one Loved every page of this book and it helped me so much.