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Every Other Four Every Other Four Is A Firsthand Account Into The Life Of Cpl Wojtecki, A Marine Infantryman In Weapons Company Based Out Of Akron, OH The Day By Day Journal Of The Marine Describes What It Felt Like To Be In Some Of The Most Hostile Areas In The Al An Bar Province And Gives You The Real Story Of What Went On During Those Months Of Training And Combat The Year Old College Student Describes Life In A War Zone, Constantly Keeping Watch On The Roadways As A Member Of A Mobile Assault Platoon Cpl Wojtecki S Platoon Fought An Ongoing Battle Against Insurgents Such As Zarkowi And The Mouja Haadine Terrorist Group That Planted IED S And Mines On Roadways, Making It A Difficult Fight By Blending Into The Local Population And Then Fleeing To Lawless River Towns This Journal Is Dedicated To The Marines And Sailors That Died Serving Our Country From Hopefully He Says, The Words In This Journal Will Live Forever And Carry On Their Legacy