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Myths & Legends of the Second World War As With The Great War, The Second World War Gave Rise To A Rich Crop Of Legends, Many Of Which Persist In The Public Consciousness Even Today Some Are Well Known, Like The Dunkirk Story, Which Portrayed The Disaster Of 1940 As A Victory Others Are Obscure Like The Rumors Of A German Invasion Attempt On The Beaches Of Norfolk In 1940, A Myth That Resurfaced In 1992 There Are Stories Of The Manston Mutiny During The Battle Of Britain, Espionage Myths That Surround The Sinking Of The Battleship Royal Oak At Scapa Flow, The Falsehood That No German Spies In Britain Operated Outside MI5 S Double Cross System, And The Real Story Behind The Man Who Never Was First Revealed In 1996 Also Covered Are The Rudolf Hess Story, Myths About The Nature And True Effectiveness Of The Resistance Movements In Europe, And The True Extent Of Hitler S Belief In Astrology And His Quest For The Holy Grail Myths On Land, Sea And Air Are Also Discussed Including The Betrayal At Dieppe, Nazi U Boat Bases In Ireland Weaving His Narrative Around A Wide Range Of Contemporary Documentary Sources, James Hayward Presents An Objective And Rigorous Analysis Of The Main Myths, Legends And Popular Falsehoods Of The Second World War The Result Is A New And Refreshing Perspective On The Popular Image Of The Second World War.

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Myths & Legends of the Second World War
  • James Hayward
  • English
  • 27 December 2017
  • 9780750930475

About the Author: James Hayward

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Myths & Legends of the Second World War book, this is one of the most wanted James Hayward author readers around the world.

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    Think you have a reasonable understanding of the Second World War in Europe You may need to think again James Hayward s book shows how many of the things we know about this war and key figures like Adolf Hitler are founded in myth rather than fact A compelling section, for me, deals with the idea of a fifth column an army of enemies within, ready to rise up and support the invading Germans Paranoia about a fifth column was officially and deliberately encouraged, and was used to justify the internment of foreigners The public were also fed rumours about German soldiers disguising themselves as women, often nuns Sadly, it was so effective that allied troops were killed and their planes shot down by nervous countrymen who couldn t be sure if they were really allies, or enemies in disguise Hayward also provides examples of French and British forces shooting civilians on the spot, without trial on the flimsiest grounds, such as lighting a match, opening a curtain, or paying too much attention to a pigeon He also exposes some of the myths that have grown up around Dunkirk This is an eye opening book and one that causes the attentive readers to question It is well accepted that truth is the first casualty of war I was shocked to discover how elusive truth can remain, long after war s end The book is well researched and the author does not make outlandish claims Rather, his aim is to debunk some of the ridiculous things we have been willing to believe for so long This is essen...

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    The heroic evacuation from Dunkirk, the British stiff upper lip during the dark days of the Blitz, the willingness of British civilians to give shelter to refugees from the Continent those are all a matter of history, right Not so much, as it turns out The BEF was horribly under trained and ill equipped to deal with the invading Germans and there were many units who threw down their weapons and sprinted for the beach What we would now recognize as PTSD was a major problem during the bombing of London and so was the black market, and so was theft from bodies in bombed houses And most British wanted no part of non English speakers fleeing from Hitler especially if they were Jews.The author had previously done a similar book on the myths that an appalling number of people, both military and civilian, bought into during the Great War, regarding public heroes, enemy atrocities, and even supposed pro Allied angels He expected that things would be different in the second war, that those on the home front especially would have become sophisticated Nope It turns out that many of the same far fetched rumors from 1915 were recycled after 1939 many of them explicitly and deliberately disseminated and promoted by the government for its own purposes of psychological warfare and maintenance of morale at home And then there are such ludicrous stories as Hitler s claimed lack of a testicle, and the overwhelming Fifth Column in Britain ...

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    Nice little read but don t expect too much.

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    It was instructive.

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